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Natural skin care and anti-aging beauty products still gaining popularity

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 22-Jun-2016 at 22:30 GMT2016-06-22T22:30:19Z

Natural skin care and anti-aging beauty products still gaining popularity

A new report—Facial Skincare and Anti-Aging US 2016—from the market research firm Mintel shows that consumer passions for wellness and healthy eating are signposts for cosmetics brands and personal care companies looking to gain market share.

The market research firm is quick to point out that 2015 sales in the facial skin care and anti-aging categories were down, “after years of slow but steady growth.”  And it’s mild, natural, and anti-pollution products that are capturing consumer attention just now.

Mainstream beauty as well as niche and indie brands are finding traction with natural claims. “Trusted and easily recognizable ingredients alleviate concerns about chemicals, pollution and unfamiliar ingredients,” suggests Mintel.

Beautiful lifestyle

Beauty and lifestyle trends overlap tremendously. According to data Mintel shares in a press release about their new Facial Skincare and Anti-Aging US 2016 report, consumers believe that lifestyle matters when it comes to skin health and appearance. 44% believe that hydration matters more than product use. 36% believe that diet matters more.

Stress is a factor that consumers are keying in on now too. Skin care with calming benefits as well as actives that mitigate the cellular response to environmental stressors are on the rise. Indeed, Mintel notes that “30 percent of consumers look for anti-aging products featuring anti-stress claims.” And 38% are confident that stress influence the look of skin.

“Consumers are embracing healthy, holistic living, and our research shows that these lifestyle changes are driving the facial skincare and anti-aging market,” says Shannon Romanowski, category manager for health, household, beauty and personal care at Mintel, in the firm’s press release.

She goes on to describe the skin care and anti-aging marketplace as “saturated” and proposes that natural product formulations stand out to today’s shoppers.

Like food for beauty

“The link between diet and skin is evident” says Romanowski,” and as consumers increasingly associate their lifestyle with their skin’s appearance, product formulations with added food-based ingredients and vitamins stand out among the competition.”

Mintel has identified five sorts of foodie-style skin care ingredients that resonate with consumers today. The firm reports that 85% of consumers are keen to use products formulated with vitamin C. 78% are interested in skin care with fruit-based ingredients; 78% are also interested in oatmeal; while 76% are looking for honey. And 72% of skin care and anti-aging consumers use or would like to use product with probiotic ingredients.  

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