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Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Women need to #DitchTheDrama as hair problems get in the way of life, says P&G

27-Jan-2015 - A bad hair day can have a big impact and make women avoid doing things like wearing a hat, rolling down a window, or even getting intimate for fear that...

Women’s Marketing outlines top trends for personal care brands

27-Jan-2015 - Experts at the media strategy agency Women’s Marketing spoke with Cosmetics Design about the top four trends that will shape marketing beauty and personal care products to women this year....

Private label brands get creative to land loyal consumers

27-Jan-2015 - Exclusive personal care brands use multiple strategies to keep consumers repurchasing and coming back for more.

Symrise targets Hispanic beauty and fragrance consumers

26-Jan-2015 - Fragrance and ingredients player Symrise says it is aiming to tap into the fast growing Latin American consumer base with its newly launched Latina Connection program.

High school students wising up to tanning risks… but still doing it

22-Jan-2015 - A new study has shown that US high school students are using sunbeds and indoor tanning devices less as they become more aware of the dangers, but the method still...

Bell predicts that 2015 fragrance will focus on both familiarity and intrigue

21-Jan-2015 - Bell Flavors & Fragrances has unveiled its annual fragrance trends analysis and is making the bold predictions that fragrances evoking a sense of familiarity or intrigue will be the winners in the...

L’Oréal launches global, online contest for make-up artists

21-Jan-2015 - The marketing initiative is bound to energize loyal customers, inspire a flurry of social media, and allow L’Oréal to learn even more about how its products are used. ...

Peer-to-peer beauty marketplace Dotfully goes live

15-Jan-2015 - The new online community and product swapping site launched this week in hopes of cleaning out lipstick drawers and beauty cabinets across the country. 

L’Oreal and Burberry take advantage of RFID technology

15-Jan-2015 - Intelligent packing solutions, like the MicroWing inlay just out from eAgile, can benefit personal care and cosmetic brands.

New cosmetics e-tail site aims to sell ‘toxin-free’ products

15-Jan-2015 - Colorado-based TMK Beauty will go live from January 20th and its mission is to sell toxin-free make-up, skin care and beauty products.

Natural-based hair and skin oils create a buzz

14-Jan-2015 - The trend for natural hair and skin oils has been making waves for the past couple of years, but following Estée Lauder's acquisition of Rodin olio lusso last November, oils...

BASF’s color trends influences new effect pigment collection

14-Jan-2015 - BASF has identified the up-and-coming color trends and have developed its new effect pigment collection to help customers to create beauty care solutions to match this information.

Light-therapy device iGrow treats androgenetic alopecia

14-Jan-2015 - The at-home technology promises to regrow hair by energizing the follicles and is being marketed to both men and women.

Salon and spa business opportunities rate well in 2015

13-Jan-2015 - A fair number of hair salon and spa service providers appear on the latest edition of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list.

Tech company launches Oku smart tool for skin care

12-Jan-2015 - Like GoPro meets Fitbit for your face, the Oku device is a wireless skin analysis tool and associated app coming to market soon for the young, digital, and beautiful.

The New Year’s resolutions & 2015 trends your brand needs

12-Jan-2015 - It’s time to give up harmful business practices and reinvigorate beneficial strategies that will improve your company’s chances for success in the New Year.

2015 is the year of relating fragrance to the consumer, says Euromonitor

08-Jan-2015 - Consumers want to relate emotionally to a fragrance and receive a personalised product and shopping experience, so this year will see the success stories emerge the companies that do this...

Latest US cosmetic market research points to lack of brand loyalty

08-Jan-2015 - New research suggests that cosmetic consumers in the US purchase a wide variety of brands and often show no or very little brand loyalty.

Hair color business evolves as beauty school supplier Burmax acquires Product Club

08-Jan-2015 - Acquisitions, like this one, scientific breakthroughs, and advances in e-commerce are moving the hair color market into the future.

Bold lip color trend boosts US Prestige make-up sales

07-Jan-2015 - Lip color is in the spotlight at present after holiday sales boomed for products in the US that helped women make bold make-up statements.

Exclusive interview

Millennial generation engage more and they want to prevent ageing

06-Jan-2015 - The growing influence from the millennial generation means that beauty care players need to ensure they are engaging people to deliver a unique experience. With this in mind, spoke...

Cosmetics Design Christmas Special: a prosperous year for the industry!

23-Dec-2014 - In this festive period, Cosmetics Design looks at areas of the cosmetics industry that have prospered this season, and indeed throughout the year.

A season of scent: the festive business of niche fragrances

23-Dec-2014 - Perfume is forever giftable; yet standby products like celebrity fragrance and eau de parfum aren’t necessarily the best sellers they once were. This year, specialty fragrance is putting a bow...

Does the cosmetics world know it’s Christmas time again?

23-Dec-2014 - Christmas and the holiday season can often seem like a license for the creatives in the cosmetics industry to let rip. And some of the launches highlighted in this special gallery...

'Twas the year for skin care, but not for sun care

23-Dec-2014 - As the Holiday season is upon us and we wave goodbye to another year (where did the time go?!) it is time to reflect on what happened in the industry...

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