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Social media is increasingly important as a marketing and communication tool and has become an important platform for beauty brands to connect and engage their customers. eCommerce has also developed as a result of the growing online trend, and articles will focus on how the cosmetics industry is putting these new tools into practice.

E-commerce delivers Korean beauty to US consumers

18-Mar-2015 - Several experts immersed in this space spoke with Cosmetics Design to share what’s happening behind the scenes and why it works.

L’Oreal to deploy mobile technology to enhance consumer buying procedure

16-Mar-2015 - L’Oreal USA has teamed up with a new mobile app that enables consumers to buy cosmetics by scanning them in stores or by scanning adverts with their smartphones.

'Sephora effect' - beauty retailer changing the game in the US

12-Mar-2015 - The importance of the in-store experience has not been wasted on Sephora, as can been seen with its 'Innovation Lab', which the retailer says will feature programs that encourage the...

Beauty marketers falling short when it comes to advertising

16-Feb-2015 - Beauty market advertising spend is down this year, but is also targeted wrongly meaning it is missing the point, according to information firm Nielsen, which highlights what needs to change.

Birchbox sued for automatic subscription renewal violation

03-Feb-2015 - The class action suit was brought last week under California’s Automatic Purchase Renewal Statute.

E-commerce accounts for only 10% of beauty sales

29-Jan-2015 - That according to Donna Barson, senior associate with market research consultancy Kline Group, who spoke with Cosmetics Design about the opportunities for cosmetics and personal care brands in this space.

Women need to #DitchTheDrama as hair problems get in the way of life, says P&G

27-Jan-2015 - A bad hair day can have a big impact and make women avoid doing things like wearing a hat, rolling down a window, or even getting intimate for fear that...

L’Oréal launches global, online contest for make-up artists

21-Jan-2015 - The marketing initiative is bound to energize loyal customers, inspire a flurry of social media, and allow L’Oréal to learn even more about how its products are used. ...

Peer-to-peer beauty marketplace Dotfully goes live

15-Jan-2015 - The new online community and product swapping site launched this week in hopes of cleaning out lipstick drawers and beauty cabinets across the country. 

Tech company launches Oku smart tool for skin care

12-Jan-2015 - Like GoPro meets Fitbit for your face, the Oku device is a wireless skin analysis tool and associated app coming to market soon for the young, digital, and beautiful.

Custom at-home hair color company eSalon goes international

16-Dec-2014 - The California-based e-commerce company opened a London office and launched sites serving consumers in several countries.

Educating shoppers with Google Glass and associates with iPads

10-Dec-2014 - Smart cosmetics brands are investing in creative tech solution to meet the needs and expectations of digitally savvy consumers.

Acne-treatment launches YouTube lifestyle content videos to reach millennials

10-Dec-2014 - Proactiv ran the first episode of their #BeYouTV series this week and has scheduled out shows based on popular search terms, media personalities and lifestyle topics to run weekly in...

Coty announces new corporate website

09-Dec-2014 - Today’s site relaunch comes as a total refresh of the company’s corporate online presence, complete with a new employee intranet.

Social media celebrities offer great marketing tool for cosmetics brands

03-Dec-2014 - They have already set up their page and built a huge following; so rather than try and fight for the same space, cosmetics brands are catching on to the trend of...

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty’s US presence gets a market-specific e-commerce site

02-Dec-2014 - The digitally savvy beauty and skin care brand launched in the UK in September 2013 and is now tailoring US expansion efforts to this country’s online sales requirements and local...

Lancôme and Sight Commerce partner on personalized shopping technology

01-Dec-2014 - The tech company works with beauty brands and fashion labels alike to show online shoppers what products look like on a range of models and in a style of their...

L’Oreal partners with Genesis Rodriguez, as Latina brand ambassadors secure industry prominence

24-Nov-2014 - As beauty brands get savvy about Hispanic market trends, companies are hiring spokespeople and partnering with celebrities to ensure that the face of the industry looks more like the face...

Revlon rebrands with a global tagline and comprehensive marketing campaign

19-Nov-2014 - In what’s being called a re-launch of the Revlon brand, the cosmetics company’s new marketing initiative centers on the phrase ‘Love is On’ and incorporates an array of media....

Digital beauty influencer DulceCandy honored as an inspirational Latina business professional

18-Nov-2014 - YouTube video make-up tutorials are big business for entrepreneurial individuals and smart brands looking for scalable word-of-mouth endorsements in the digital age; DulceCandy just received a Latinovator Award for her...

Botox Cosmetics educates consumers with an app and website

13-Nov-2014 - A survey, conducted in collaboration with the online community SheSpeaks, showed the company that its prospective consumers need further information on safety, price and results.

QVC adds one-touch fingerprint purchasing to its iPhone shopping app

06-Nov-2014 - The video and e-commerce retailer will enhance its mobile shopping app with Apple’s fingerprint sensor technology, Touch ID, facilitating single-touch mobile purchasing transactions.

US cosmetics brands partner with Suning for e-commerce distribution in China

04-Nov-2014 - Burt's Bees, Maybelline, Weleda and Revlon, among other US personal care brands, will be available via the company’s USA Overseas Shopping Flagship Store launching next month.

Datamonitor Comment

What's the next step in 'smart & connected' product development?

23-Oct-2014 - Contemporary consumers expect technology to make their lives easier and more comfortable and the cosmetics sector is taking inspiration from the internet and cashless vending machines to drive more sophisticated...

Amazon Luxury Beauty Store – not quite plain sailing?

22-Oct-2014 - Online sales growth of beauty products has grown in the last few years, and for one of the web’s largest online powerhouses and marketplaces, Amazon, this should all be good...

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