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First personal care product for circumcised men claims to increase sensation

By Michelle Yeomans , 20-Aug-2012
Last updated on 20-Aug-2012 at 17:16 GMT2012-08-20T17:16:10Z

A moisturizer developed by the Centric Research Institute is claimed to be the first personal care product that caters for circumcised men who, as a result of procedure, suffer from a lack of sensation.

The Institute’s Albert Liu told USA; “CIRCUMserum is not a sex product, but rather, represents a new and important approach to men's sexuality. It is designed as a therapy that with regular use as part of a man's grooming regimen, can improve his quality of life.”

According to the British Journal of Urology, men can experience up to a 75 percent reduction in sensitivity compared to men who are not circumcised.

Aimed at catering to over 79 percent of men in the US alone, Liu says the product was developed to address a growing awareness that exposure of the skin of the glans as a result of circumcision can, over a man's life, lead to reduced sexual sensation and satisfaction.

"CIRCUMserum provides a natural, easy to use option and course of action for men to bring back some of the intensity they may have lost in their sex lives.”

How it works

According to Liu, as with other types of skin, the glans can suffer callousing that results in ‘Dullness Syndrome’ (DS) from years of exposure and buildup of keratin (protein) layers, thus the moisturiser, launched last week, softens and conditions the skin, by "regular moisturizing application, restoring the glans to a softer, more natural state by reducing callousing and keratinization, and enhancing feelings of sensation.”

Tried and tested

According to a user survey conducted by the Institute, 75 percent of circumcised participants reported an increase in sensation and greater sexual satisfaction after regular use of the product, while 80 percent reported feeling results after just 14 days using CIRCUMserum in its recommended daily dose.

"We are now enrolling urologists and other healthcare professionals in a clinical trial to gather additional data, outreach to a broader patient population, and learn more about circumcision and sexual sensitivity," concluded Liu.

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