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Brand Innovation

This is the news category you will want to dive into to find out all the latest innovations and developments in the finished goods arena. From smart and unique marketing concepts, to boundary-breaking products that create new niches, you will find it all here.

Bookmark this section to discover what product developers, marketers, formulators and packaging specialists are bringing together to create the next generation of skin care, hair care, color cosmetic, sun care and fragrance products. It goes without saying that this is an incredibly fast-paced industry, so staying one step ahead of brand innovation is crucial to staying on top.

Madison Reed is “operationally blowing up the salon channel”

18-Jul-2017 - Two months ago Madison Reed partnered with Ulta to sell hair color kits and bring its AI chatbot tool in-store. Cosmetics Design spoke with Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed,...

Indie Beauty Profile

Joshua Gordon, noyah Natural Cosmetics

17-Jul-2017 - In his Indie Beauty Profile, Joshua Gordon, founder of noyah Natural Cosmetics, shares insight into how he created a simple, functional cosmetics and personal care brand. And, he succinctly describes that...

DNA Diagnostics Center launches skin care test kit for consumers

13-Jul-2017 - The genetic testing laboratory has served hospitals, government agencies, lawyers, and individuals for 20 years. And now the company is putting a line of DNA testing kits on retail shelves.

Senteurs D’Orient: Soap will never be the same

10-Jul-2017 - With all the trappings of a chic, contemporary startup and all the sophistication of a luxury heritage brand, Senteurs D’Orient is soap for the modern market. To learn how this...

Indie Beauty Profile

Chris Hobson, Patchology

10-Jul-2017 - In his Indie Beauty Profile, Chris Hobson, founder of Patchology, shares his candid thoughts on the worth of industry trends and suggests that a startup skin care brand can find...

Exclusive interview

LimeLight by Alcone: “This is where beauty is going”

05-Jul-2017 - Not long after news broke of the new beauty company’s partnership with L’Occitane International, Cosmetics Design dropped in on CEO Michele Gay to learn about that deal and about how...

Indie Beauty Profile

Lea Anne Christine Fulton, L.A. Christine

26-Jun-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Lea Anne Christine Fulton, founder of L.A. Christine, talks about her brand’s version of multi-channel retail, which spans pop-ups and direct TV, and she describes...

What does it take to launch a probiotic skin care range?

21-Jun-2017 - We caught up with BeBe & Bella probiotics skin care founder Allison Krebs-Bensch to find out more about what it takes to launch a brand in this rapidly evolving space....

Probiotics skincare – a small niche with massive potential

20-Jun-2017 - The probiotics trend is one of the fastest growing in the skin care category right now, mainly because it simultaneously hits on key consumer demands that include wellness and natural.

Indie Beauty Profile

Ashley Prange, Au Naturale Cosmetics

19-Jun-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Ashley Prange CEO of Au Naturale Cosmetics, describes how she has built a brand around the #CleanBeautyRevolution and just how much work her team put...

Shiseido’s new brand WASO launches in US next month

13-Jun-2017 - The skin care product line, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of millennials, somehow manages to encompass nearly every trend associated with this unique generation of beauty consumers.

Indie Beauty Profile

Lynne Florio and Renee Tavoularis, Planted in Beauty

12-Jun-2017 - In their Indie Beauty Profile, Lynne Florio and Renee Tavoularis, founders of Planted in Beauty by Well Within, explain how they’re making good use of the various business services available...

Indie Beauty Profile

Angela Caglia Skincare

05-Jun-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, skin care brand founder Angela Caglia describes how she leveraged her experience as a facialist to develop an eco-lux brand that resonates with today’s sophisticated...

Biome-Friendly Shampoo from Mother Dirt gets a longer shelf life

01-Jun-2017 - Conventional personal care product preservatives can damage or otherwise interfere with the body’s microbiome, so Mother Dirt products are formulated without those ingredients. Now the brand has announced updates to...

Special Newsletter - Indie Brands

The top ten most innovative indie beauty products

31-May-2017 - The indie beauty category has been leading the way when it comes to ground breaking and innovative products, so we at Cosmetics Design thought it a good idea to pick...

Indie Beauty: Where ideas, inspiration, innovation, and investments happen in the cosmetics and personal care industry today (part 2 of 2)

31-May-2017 - The independent beauty movement is unstoppable. It’s no longer niche and it’s no longer negligible. Here Cosmetics Design examines all things indie—what’s trending, how conventional beauty is responding, and more....

Indie Beauty: Where ideas, inspiration, innovation, and investments happen in the cosmetics and personal care industry today (part 1 of 2)

31-May-2017 - The rise of independent brands has been called everything from a competition to a revolution and by several monikers much better or worse (depending on the perspective). Here, Cosmetics Design...

Makeup brush manufacturer Anisa International celebrates 25 years in the cosmetics business

31-May-2017 - Anisa Telwar-Kaicker, the woman who launched and leads the global company, started her business as a distribution and marketing venture. Since then, Anisa International has grown in size and scope...

Cetaphil marks 70-year brand anniversary

25-May-2017 - The Nestlé Skin Health product line got its start in 1947, has expanded over the years to include cleansers, moisturizers, and sun care. And, now the global brand has plans...

Indie Beauty Profile

Sebastien Tardif, Veil Cosmetics

22-May-2017 - In his Indie Beauty Profile, Sebastien Tardif, CEO of Veil Cosmetics, describes how he translated his experience as a professional makeup artist into a product line suitable for pros and...

Indie Beauty Profile

Dr. Conny Wittke, nügg

15-May-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Dr. Conny Wittke, founder of the Beauty Ideas Group and the skin care brand nügg, explains why, in today’s personal care market place, a brand’s...

Indie Beauty Profile

Linda Treska, Pinch of Colour

09-May-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Linda Treska, founder of Pinch of Colour, shares her optimism for the future of omnichannel retail and advocates for extreme perseverance in the face of...

Indie Beauty Profile

Natasha Samardzic, Folium Medica

01-May-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Natasha Samardzic, founder of Folium Medica, shares insight into the market niche she’s found where wellness and beauty intersect and on how carefully her company...

Indie Beauty Profile

Naa-Sakle Akuete, Eu’Genia Shea

24-Apr-2017 - In her Indie Beauty Profile, Naa-Sakle Akuete, CEO of Eu’Genia Shea, explains how an indie brand can deliver supply chain transparency and ingredient purity that rivals much larger corporate brands...

BIA Best Indie Beauty Brand winner Nannette De Gaspé in conversation with Cosmetics Design

19-Apr-2017 - Earlier this month at in-cosmetics global in London, Cosmetics Design celebrated the winners of this year’s Beauty Industry Awards, among the honorees were Nannette De Gaspé Beaubien, founder of the...

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