Big Data

L'Oréal beauty tech innovation targets consumer devices, social commerce and digital footprint

Big Brand Talks - In Conversation with Today's Beauty Leaders

L’Oréal exec: Beauty tech can solve the ‘big data challenge’

By Kacey Culliney

Beauty has plenty of opportunities to employ cutting-edge technologies to improve consumer services and supply chains, but these innovations can also simplify very large data sets and manage complexities across businesses, says the marketing head of L’Oréal...

Ming Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of PROVEN Skincare

Indie Beauty Profile

Ming Zhao, PROVEN Skincare

By Deanna Utroske

In her Indie Beauty Profile, Ming Zhao, co-founder and CEO of PROVEN Skincare, describes how she and Amy Yuan have leveraged AI to formulate skin care and build a beauty brand that’s delivering evermore carefully customized product.

Cutitronics readies for 2020 product launch

Cutitronics readies for 2020 product launch

By Deanna Utroske

The Scotland-based med-tech company debuted its first beauty device to an industry audience at this year’s in-cosmetics global event in Paris. And looking ahead to 2020 when Cutitronics will see its white-label platform and devices hit the consumer market,...


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