"What is expressed without proof can be denied without proof"​ Euclide.

 Why are efficacy tests realised?
 To comply with regulation and to support the claims of the products for Marketing purposes.

 Spincontrol​ is devoted to evaluating the in vivo efficacy of dermo-cosmetics products. For over 10 years, Spincontrol​ has developed abilities distinguished by the cosmetic and dermatological industries.

 Our company was created in 1991 by scholars from University. At the beginning, we specialised in medical imaging techniques. Our research staff made the most of the potential of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in order to validate new methods of tissue characterisation (registration of a patent). In 1996-98, we moved towards specialisation in efficacy tests.

 Since this period, we decided to adopt a specific strategy: to be recognised as a CRO, which suggests original and innovative tests​. We have been listening to our partners in order to constantly give them complete satisfaction; some of them help us in our process. Indeed, we all work on research studies, collaboration agreements or patent registration.

Taking into account high-tech methods and potential user's concerns, our team meets the specific needs of the dermo-cosmetology professional people who are concerned about the quality of their products and the strict application of the legislation (Directive 93/35/EEC).

 We have developed techniques like Fringe Projection, 20 MHz Ultrasound Imaging, 7.5 MHz Ultrasound Imaging, Digital image analysis or Sensory metrology.

Of course, the usual techniques like corneometry, balistometry, TEWL etc... are still proposed. But we mainly develop imaging techniques, which constitute great support for the advertising campaign​ of our customers.

 Now...Opening Spincontrol Asia Co., Ltd, in Thailand, a demonstration of the claims of cosmetic products designed for Asian people​ is possible. Well aware of the responsibilities incumbent on testing laboratories, everything is done on the premises to meet the strictest international standards.

 A key collaboration network
 University research (GIP ultrasounds, Laboratory RMN-Tours) Technical (IUT, Dermatology department, Ultrasound, Ophtalmology...CHU Tours Hospital), General medical practice (G.P).

 Control and development of the imaging and analysis
 Ultrasound imaging; Video microscopy; Electronic microscopy.

 Evaluation of the care, make-up and hygiene products
 By instrumental, clinical, consumer self-evaluation methods, and by the coupling of these methods

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Spincontrol is a CRO specialised in efficacy tests of cosmetics. White complexion and dark spots being a current claim we have developed a new, original...