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Rohm and Haas

Rohm and Haas Personal Care is a well-established cosmetic ingredient supplier providing many of the essential ingredients for skin care, hair care and sun care products. From body mousses to shine-enhancing hair sprays to extreme protection sun blocks, Rohm and Haas ensures your products have the right performance, texture and aesthetics to meet the needs of your consumers.

Our scientists understand how to build polymers that impart critical performance characteristics to hair styling products, improve the flow and texture of liquid products, enhance the protection of sun care products, among others. Our microbiologists go the next step with you to recommend solutions to keep your products clean and fresh. And our extensive regulatory expertise and product knowledge will give you confidence in your ingredient choices.

Explore Rohm and Haas's portfolio of opacifiers, rheology modifiers, preservatives, SPF boosters, hair styling resins and waterproofing polymers - all available globally.

From polymer design to product preservation, Rohm and Haas Personal Care is ready to help you translate science into success.