Purextract is a French-based company, located at the heart of the European largest forest. Cosmythic™ is its newest ingredient, fruit of a leading, sophisticated and unrivalled technology of extraction.

Cosmythic™ is a concentrate of low-molecular weight oligomers of catechin and epicatechin from the Pinus Pinaster bark.

Cosmythic™ sublimates the skin complexion and helps fighting effectively against the sign of skin aging. In a double blind, randomized and placebo controlled clinical study, Cosmythic™ has been proven effective  on:

- Reducing the size and the intensity on dark spots
- Improving the skin firmness and elasticity
- Improving the appearance of skin by reducing the depth and number  of wrinkles

Purextract portfolio also includes Vitaflavan™, a selection of active OPC from grape seeds and Phytopin™, a pine sterols effective on the prevention of hair loss for men.

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