Purac’s natural lactic acid and lactate derivatives provide functional, natural and sustainable personal care solutions. Moisturizers, skin lightening, sebum control, skin rejuvenation and hydration are among the proven functionality for Purac's range of nature-inspired personal care ingredients.

Biobased products

Lactic acid and lactates are made from renewable resources such as sugar beet, sugar cane, corn and tapioca.  Purac stands for pure, and builds on this concept.  We seek to use processes based on nature like fermentation, crystallization and filtration.  

Sustainability and innovation

New products, processes and applications, improved product quality and production efficiency has always been important reasons for our continuous innovation efforts.  Now, sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint have joined this list.  Our innovation programs focus on renewable feed-stock materials, minimizing use of chemicals, reducing energy use, integrating green energy and replenishing nutrients in to agricultural soil.


There are two important emerging trends in the personal care industry today. First is a functional trend such as anti-aging, skin lightening and gender specific products such as sebum control in men's skin care. The second is natural, sustainable and green products, which has become a conscious decision by consumers to use products derived from natural origin.  Whatever your personal care needs, Purac has ingredients that help in all aspects of product development.