Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) which develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

At Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’, we believe it is first and foremost about usingthe right ingredients in the smartest possible way. For this reason, we design formulas where the concepts of biomimetism, functional performance, precision of delivery and sensory experience, intertwined to produce the greatest consumer benefits.  Our formulas are an invitation to engage natural, sustainable and creative relationships where our expertise merged with our passion to nurture a unique and successful sense of innovation.

Whether addressing aging processes, skin protection, complexion enhancement or perfection of body silhouette, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics R&D and application platforms provide biologists and cosmetic chemists with comprehensive ranges of innovative solutions. With a special attention paid to maintaining the skin natural homeostasis, we focus our developments on mode of actions capable of enhancing the skin own natural strengths and beauty.

To help you make the most of our ingredients, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has now 3 formulation laboratories around the globe where we provide effective technical formulation assistance. We also offer global formulation training seminars where you can learn some of our best formulation secrets!

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