IRB Institute for Biotechnological Research


IRB Institute for Biotechnological Research is an Italian biotech company specialized in the research, development and manufacture of cosmetic active ingredients.

The core of the company is the sophisticated HTN technology ​(High Tech Nature) based on the  ​ platform for the production of bioactive natural molecules. HTN allows the in vitro culture of plant stem cells in highly controlled conditions and enables to take advantage of the variety of natural substances.

Stem ​cells in the plants are directly involved into defensive responses against environmental physical and biological stresses since they produce specific substances with high biological properties.

HTN technology enables to produce these active substances with several innate advantages:

  •  ​ substances including rare and difficult to synthetize substances
  •  ​ since stem cells grow in a sterile medium which secures the absence of pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins
  •  ​ with the possibility to obtain stem cells also from endangered or protected plants without altering the ecological balance and biodiversity
  •  ​ with product supplying independent of climatic and geographical variability

IRB has developed 3 ranges of products:

  • STEMS: plant stem cells as powder or glycerine preparation
  • HTN ACTIVES: high-titre dry extracts
  • ANALYTICAL STANDARDS & REAGENTS: pure substances for analytical and experimental purposes

IRB also provides on demand service of cell line generation and production scale-up with possibility of exclusive cell line cryopreservation for patent coverage.

HTN technology allows to take advantage of the all of the properties of the plant!