Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH

Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH

For over 20 years  Dr. Straetmans​ has been offering functional raw materials to the cosmetic industry. The companies' profound knowledge in the field of preservation led to the development of alternative preservatives which nowadays are employed in hundreds of products throughout the cosmetic industry.

In addition to the Dermosoft® ​ range of multifunctional antimicrobials, our focus is set to supply raw materials from natural, sustainable resources.

The Dermofeel® ​ range provides materials like PEG-free vegetable based surfactants, special oil components, natural antioxidants, natural and biodegradable chelators as well as liquid starch-derived conditioning agents.

Our worldwide distribution network not only provides raw materials but also technical support to manufacture state of the art cosmetics according to the latest trends in the market. Furthermore our application lab is continuously developing new formulations which will serve as perfect starting point for cutting edge products for conventional concepts as well as natural cosmetics.

Product Range:

• Multifunctional Antimicrobials
 With the Dermosoft® ​ range, Dr. Straetmans​ is a pioneer in utilizing multifunctional additives with high performance antimicrobial properties to formulate mild and safe cosmetics. With decades of experience in preservation of all kinds of products, a tailor made solution is available for every product concept. drstraetmans accompanies the customers at each stage of product development, from concept through evaluation to finished product. Challenge tests are offered to ensure successful formulation projects with customers.

• Surfactants
 Emulsion technology has been a focus of Dr. Straetmans​ ever since its foundation in 1984. After entering the cosmetic industry, surfactants from renewable resources became one of the strategic pillars at Dr. Straetmans​. Today a selection of vegetable based, PEG-free emulsifiers and solubilizers is available providing a variety of possibilities for creams, lotions, tonics, bath-oil concentrates and many more. Our application lab develops formulations and supports customer projects. All surfactants are food-grade, toxicologically safe and environmentally friendly.

• Oil Components
Dr. Straetmans​ offers special ester oils with different spreading properties which furnish your product with an elegant sensoric profile. The specific pigment dispersing ability and solvent properties qualify these oils particularly for suncare and decorative cosmetics, providing excellent skinfeel and offering solutions for many formulation challenges.

• Antioxidants
 Light and oxygen are a danger to both, our skin and cosmetic formulations. With the range of nature derived antioxidants from Dr. Straetmans​ you can ward off the negative impact of oxygen the most natural way. All Tocopherol derivatives are available in non-GMO quality. Natural, biodegradable chelators inactivate metals which can act as catalyst in oxidation reactions.

• Conditioners
Amylomer​ - a range of film forming agents, based on different starch modifications, is the key to unresolved drawbacks of currently available conditioners. Optimum hair treatment is more than excellent combability. Refining the hair structure, enabling manageability and controlling build-up have to be addressed in hair care products that create long lasting consumer satisfaction. To balance out the needs of individual hair types with the performance of Amylomer polysaccharides, Dr. Straetmans​ has tight co-operations with hair care professionals.

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