DKSH North America Inc.


DKSH North America a member of the Diethelm Keller Group, an internationally active Swiss holding company of long standing, principally owned by fourth generation descendants of the founders.

DKSH enables and supports companies in expanding their businesses in existing markets and launching into new ones. This is what we mean by Market Expansion Services.


As part of the Performance Materials Group, the Personal Care Unit combines raw material sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales services and provides our partners with fundamental expertise and on-the-ground logistics. We offer unparalleled market, product and application understanding as we strive to bring new state-of-the –art raw materials and technologies to our customers and support them globally via an unmatched pan-regional network. We are a trusted link, connecting suppliers to customers along the entire value chain.


Providing tailor-made services for our customers and suppliers, covering all their needs and requirements, we build lasting partnerships. Deeply rooted in communities all across Asia, our unique network of business relationships has been built over the course of a corporate history lasting one and a half centuries.

Expanding sales for suppliers

For companies who wish to sell performance materials we provide all aspects of marketing, brand building, sales and distribution. Bringing the right products to the right customers, we make our suppliers feel at home, both in foreign and local markets. We handle their products as if they are our own.

Expanding supply for customers

For companies in industry and the retail trade, we provide knowledge and market understanding to expand revenue opportunities. Enhancing awareness of and access to excellent products and specialty raw materials at the best prices, we provide customers with the crucial competitive edge they need in the age of globalization.