BERKEM, Active by Principle


With 50 years of experience, Berkem is an expert in plant extraction for different fields of application: cosmetics, food and health. Based in France, this independent SME on a human scale is specialized in the extraction of active ingredients from plants, especially polyphenols (grape seed and pine bark extracts).


The know-how

From development to production, Berkem provides:

• A research and development lab and a team of experts.

• An analysis laboratory and equipment for extract characterization, HPLC, CPG, IR.

• High-performance pilot installations to guarantee industrial adaptation and the production of adequate quantities.

• Production workshops organized in versatile units that can be adapted to your needs and to evolving technology.


The products

Berkemyol​ range for cosmetics: stabilized polyphenols for skin care

Vitisol ​for hair care:Grape seed OPC

Pineol ​for nutricosmetics: Pine bark OPC

Premium Grape OPC ​for nutricosmetics: Grape seed OPC



Polynektars®​ range which is rich in polyphenols, 100% plant-origin and preservative-free:

- Fresh’ka®​ extracted from strawberry plant leaves. It brightens the complexion, smoothes skin texture and gently lightens the skin.

- Myrti’lla®​ extracted from bilberry leaves. It prevents redness, improves microcirculation and tones capillaries.

- Origa’light®​ extracted from oregano leaves. It has lightening and antioxidant properties, and a good photostability.

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