Arizona Chemical: Bio-renewable Polymers for Personal Care


Arizona Chemical Company is the world’s largest bio-refiner of pine tree extracts. We supply a unique, bio-renewable line of polymers to the personal care industry. These polyamide polymers are made using a high percentage of vegetable derived raw materials (up to 97% bio-renewable carbon content). 

Our patented SYLVACLEAR™, SYLVASOL™ and UNICLEAR™ specialty polymers offer broad functionality as film formers, water repellency agents, polymeric emulsion stabilizers, structuring agents, rheology modifiers, pigment stabilizers and actives delivery systems. The polymers are ideal for the development of aesthetically pleasing formulations in sun care, skin care, color cosmetics and fragrance products.  The products form shear thinning, hydrogen bonded gels with a wide range of emollients and other ingredients. The polymers are suited for use in a broad range of product forms, including sprays, lotions, creams, gels and sticks.  They are supplied in solid form as pastilles and should be selected based on the intended application and compatibility with other ingredients in the formulation.  

Arizona Chemical’s science and technology efforts are dedicated to providing functional, innovative and sustainable alternatives to petroleum based ingredients.   With over 1,000 employees globally, Arizona Chemical has its North American principal executive office in Jacksonville, Florida, its European principal executive office in Almere, The Netherlands and Asia offices in Shanghai China.