Active Organics, Inc

Active Organics

Active Organics®​, founded in 1981, is a worldwide supplier of natural performance ingredients and botanical actives to the personal care industry. We supply the broadest selection of botanical actives from the world’s best sources and customize these offerings in terms of solvent (base), preservative system, and package size.

As one of the nation’s most trusted suppliers of natural botanicals, Active Organics®​ is a supplier to some of the world’s most recognized cosmetic brands. In fact, some of the most fashionable products and treatment methodologies on the market today have been enabled by the technologies developed at Active Organics®​.

Operating from 120,000 square feet in a state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing facility in North Texas, AO is dedicated to the research, development and production of cutting-edge natural performance ingredients and botanical actives. 
As one of the industry’s pioneers, Active Organics® is recognized around the world for its clinical research as well as industry leading efforts in developing actives for the skin and hair care markets.

Our product portfolio comprises a line of substantiated Natural Performance Ingredients, Actiphyte®​ Botanical Extracts, Actiplex®​ Botanical Blends, Aromaphyte®​ Natural Fragrance Ingredients, Aromaplex®​ Fragrance Blends, Actiscrub®​ Physical Exfoliants, and Activera®​ Aloe Products.

Active Organics®​ delivers innovative skin and hair care solutions, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lubrizol Advanced Materials.

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