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With Croda... you can slow the hands of time

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With Croda... you can slow the hands of time

Want to maintain a youthful look, reinvigorate your body and restore youth’s glow? With Croda it’s easier to create healthy-looking skin that appears radiant, smooth and moisturized; and hair that is lustrous, vibrant and shiny. You can easily deliver actives where they are needed most to restore the ravages of time and prevent additional damage. Seize control of the signs of aging and choose the face you present to the world. For help with developing your next anti-aging product, you can start by selecting a consumer benefit from the list to the right. We can also assist you with formulation development, provide technical support or help with identifying new opportunities for revolutionary hair or skin care products. Croda provides the youthful secret for: Lustrous, vibrant, healthier-looking hair LUSTREPLEX® Softer and more sensuous tresses CRODAZOSOFT™ DBQ Shiny, glossy hair and smooth, silky skin CRODAMOL™ STS Delivery of actives for effective results ARLASOLVE™ DMI-PC CRODAFOS™ CES Enhancement of the skin’s natural defense barrier SUPER STEROL LIQUID™ Protection and preservation of the skin PHYTESSENCE™ KUDZU

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