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WS SA50™: antibacterial properties against P. acnes

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Antibacterial properties of WS SA50 TM​ against P. Acne were tested in-vitro by Disc Diffusion Assay. The zone of inhibition value was determined in cultures of P. acnes​. Test items were 4µg/ml and 20µg/ml Ampicillin solutions as positive controls, 2% salicylic acid hydroalcoholic solution and its equivalent, water solution of 4% WS SA50 TM​. Hydroalcoholic solution without salicylic acid served as control. Results in the graph above: WS SA50 TM​ is found to be significantly more effective than hydroalcoholic solution of 2% salicylic acid in inhibiting the growth of P. acnes. Watch how to formulate with WS SA50 TM​.

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