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TEFLOSE®, a new mechanism in GlycoScience for skin ecology

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TEFLOSE®, a new mechanism in GlycoScience for skin ecology

Forerunner in microbial ecology with the development of prebiotic and probiotic active ingredients, SOLABIA Research offers a new complementary mechanism of action based on the inhibition of the adhesion of undesirable or pathogenic bacterial strains involved in the body odors, acne, atopic dermatitis and the sensitive skins.

Unlike antibacterial products commonly used in the cosmetic industry, this alternative strategy presents a particular interest in the respect of the cutaneous Ecosystem as well as the skin’s natural defenses, for example the Ecoflora (microbial saprophytic flora).

TEFLOSE®​ is a natural branched polysaccharide, rhamnose-rich, obtained by bacterial fermentation. It plays the role of an anti-adhesive protective cover ("TeflonTM​-like" effect). It also helps to modulate the resultant inflammatory response generated by microbial aggression and to decrease the feeling of discomfort.

TEFLOSE®​ is a preservative-free active ingredient conforming to the ECOCERT standard and China-approved.

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