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SYNETH™ Polyglyceryl Esters

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SYNETH™ Polyglyceryl Esters

Dream Up Your Next Product with Fully-Functional PGE’s

Let Lonza help you create your next innovative skin or hair care formulation with SYNETH™ Polyglyceryl Esters. The multi-functional ester surfactants and emulsifiers provides unique benefits to skin or hair care products, providing your customers with an exciting way to experience and interact with your brand. Whether it’s a luxurious face lotion or a hair cleaning system, SYNETH™ Polyglyceryl Esters can help you achieve the success your brand deserves. 

A SYNETH for every formulation need

-       Cold processable

-       W/O or O/W

-       Pigment dispersion

-       Moisturization

-       Antifoaming or anti-aeration

-       Viscosity modification

-       Long term foam stability

-       Low concentration flash foaming

-       Cleansing

Synergy & Ethos Combined for New Discoveries

SYNETH™ Polyglyceryl Esters

− Naturally-derived ingredients, made from RSPO-palm or coconut raw materials

− Non-ethoxylated technologies; free from 1,4 dioxane, hazard-free labeling

− PEG-free alternatives; achieve clean messaging for your brand’s marketing

− Easy to use, non-ionic chemistries; compatible with different actives and rheology modifiers

Let Lonza help you create your next innovative skin or hair care formulation!

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