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Rexam presents the Dispenser Tube 100% airless

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Rexam presents the Dispenser Tube 100% airless

By assembling its SP343 Airless pump with a tube, Rexam Dispensing Systems provides a simple and effective solution that combines easy use with high-precision dispensing. This adds value to the technicity of brands whose formulas are delivered in tubes. The strong points of Dispenser Tube • Extremely easy assembly courtesy of the Snap On™ system, where the pump snaps into place rather than having to be screwed on, making the system 100% airless. • Good restitution of the formula with a rate of emptying in excess of 90%. • Very high flexibility in terms of textures, even for the most viscous formulas. • The SP343 Airless has an exceptional aspiration capacity. Benefits for brands • A product supplied pre-assembled to optimize product supply chain. • Filling that is as convenient and as cost competitive as with a capsule tube, with the airless pump to boot. Benefits for consumers • A simple and original user routine: the Dispenser Tube combines high-precision dispensing with the convenience of a tube. • A better protection of fragile formulas over time. Manufactured in partnership with Linhardt, the Dispenser Tube is currently available in a diameter of 35mm, but the range is destined to grow.

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