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RESISTRESS® the Anti-Oxid'Aging® ally to battle Skin "Burnout"!

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RESISTRESS® the Anti-Oxid'Aging® ally to battle Skin "Burnout"!

The skin has its own defense mechanisms, among these being an anti-oxidant barrier. Nevertheless, faced with daily aggression, the skin's protecting capacities are progressively reduced, moving from temporary and reversible oxidative stress to a state of acute distress. Unable to react by itself, in a so-called “Burnout” state, the skin then needs some outside help!

RESISTRESS®, in addition to its ability to stimulate natural antioxidant defense mechanisms, increasing epidermal and dermal resistance to oxidative stress, is able to energize the regeneration systems, a property that is useful for repairing oxidative damage to tissues. This dual approach should enable the effects of oxidative stress to be regulated, while preserving the skin's youthfulness and health, far from the threat of daily burnout.

RESISTRESS® is a preservative-free active ingredient conforming to the ECOCERT standard and China-approved.

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