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PowerExtension [HSB+R] to improve cell metabolism and reduce ageing

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PowerExtension [HSB+R] to improve cell metabolism and reduce ageing

PowerExtension [HSB+R] ​is a plant cell complex made from native cells of hibiscus syriacus Bluebird (hibiscus syriacus), containing not only its own active molecules but also rutin to stimulate activity. This plant cell complex combines two cutting-edge technologies: a controlled cell culture that boosts the synthesis of the active molecules inside whole plant cells, and, the delicate integration of a well known molecule inside those native cells.

That natural plant cell complex developed by Naolys, PowerExtension [HSB+R] ​is especially designed to mature skins. It will provide:

-an energizing effect

by stimulating cell metabolism reduced by ageing, thanks to an increase of the proteasome activity, especially in senescent keratinocytes. And by stimulating the synthesis of ATP at cellular and mitochondrial levels in keratinocytes

- a detoxifying effect

by decreasing the release of CO2 ​of 43% in hypoxia conditions in keratinocytes

- a protective (or anti-oxidant) effect

by decreasing the synthesis of free radicals induced by UVB of 40% in keratinocytes

As a result, a clinical study demonstrates an anti wrinkle effect proven by a decrease of the surface of wrinkles at crow’s feet by 27% in 28 days.

All tests were performed with a powder made of 100% cells at a concentration of 0.1%.

PowerExtension [HSB+R] ​is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of skincare formulation (oily and transparent serums, day or night creams, etc.) as it is available in liquid and solid forms.

COSMOS and NATRUE agreements on request for all liquid forms.

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