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Optimal Skin every day

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Optimal Skin every day
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Naolys designed a day cream “Optimum Living” to show how optimal the use of Optimum Life Angelica can be, as it will maintain skin functions at their best.

With a naturalness index of 96%, it is a very light, slightly perfumed emulsion, that gently penetrates skin, and a multifunctional cream to wear every day, under foundation or a BB cream.

It helps skin to perform better day after day, and to look younger thanks to Optimum Life Angelica, made of angelica active plant cells, that strengthen the three basic cellular functions of respiration, nutrition and communication, including in the presence of oxidants such as UV and pollutant residues, thereby providing the skin with enhanced protection against ageing. They provide the following effects at the cellular level in the dermis and​ the epidermis:

-          energizing, balancing and maintaining the well-being of cells through an improved supply of nutrients, better intercellular communication and respiration (improving oxygen intake, decreasing hypoxia and oxidized proteins).

-          anti-oxidant, by decreasing oxidative stress (the formation of free radicals) caused by pollution and UVB

-          anti-ageing (firmness and suppleness) due to an increase in levels of collagen and elastin

A clinical study with 18 people aged 49 to 65 years-old showed an average decrease in the total area of wrinkles of 16% after 28 days of treatment (2 applications/day).

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% plant glycerine).

Optimum Life Angelica​ is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of formulation from skincare  - daycreams, daily treatments, essence and serums, masks, etc. -  to make-up applications  - foundation, primer, BB creams, eye contour, pressed powder, etc.) in any type of formulation, liquid or solid.

Optimum Life Angelica​ suits any type of skin, especially mature skins.

Cosmos Natural approvals and ISO 16128 certificates for all liquid forms available on request.

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