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Opextan ™

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Opextan ™

A new way to help keep skin healthy and good looking comes from a new patented olive extract called Opextan™ . Obtained from a selected variety of olives grown in Italy, this extract from the Mediterranean olive tree contains a series of powerful antioxidants. Among them verbascoside, a substance present only in the fruit (but not in the leaves) found to be five times as active as other known typical olive polyphenols. Opextan™ has been clinically tested both for topical or oral application. The biological activity of Opextan™ had been tested as follows: Decrease of skin sensitivity to UV irradiation by oral administration1,2 Improvement of oxidative stress in healthy volunteers by oral administration1,2 Reduction of lipid peroxidation by topical application2 The olive extract has turned out to have beneficial effects at skin level, where free radical mediated degeneration such as wrinkle formation, epidermal barrier disruption, etc may be effectively prevented. Clinical tests have proved that Opextan™ , used orally or topically, combats free radicals, makes the skin less sensitive to harmful UV radiation and protects it from UV damage. It also helps prevent wrinkles. The effectiveness of Opextan™ has been demonstrated both topically and by oral application, suggesting a global approach to maintain a healthy skin both internally and externally. To know more, check or visit us at In-cosmetics, stand B150 and have a taste of our fresh Opextan™ drink. References: 1. Yokota T, Murata T, Suzuki K, Mori M, Yamamoto N, Haratake A, "Anti-oxidative effects of several polyphenols derived from olive fruits and its application for cosmetics and supplements" presented at the 57th Society of Cosmetic Chemists Japan Research Conference, Nov. 25th, 2005 2. Maramaldi G, Artaria C, Ikemoto T, Haratake A, "Estratto standardizzato di frutti di Olea europea", L'Integratore Nutrizionale 9 (3), 23-29 (2006).

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