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Natural Self-Tanning Ingredient

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As a consequence of the increased consumer awareness of the negative health effects of sun bathing and tanning beds there is a high demand for a safe alternative of tanning. FM-MH is a naturally derived self-tanning ingredient that delivers a more authentic, more uniform and longer lasting tan. Due to its smooth tanning kinetics it is particularly useful in gradual tanning products. It can be favourably combined with DHA for both product types, the classical selftanners and the gradual tanning products. FM-MH is a natural keto sugar ((S)-1,3,4-trihydroxy-2-butanone) that reacts via the Maillard reaction with peptidic amino groups of the skin surface proteins, yielding to brown polymeric products (melanoids) that are directly bound to the skin surface (stratum corneum).

Synonyms: Erythrulose, D-Erythrulose, L-Erythrulose, glycero-tetrulose,
L-glycero-Tetrulose, D-glycero-Tetrulose, 1,3,4-trihydroxybutan-2-one.
INCI Name: Erythrulose
Chemical name: 2-butanone, 1,3,4-trihydroxy-, (3S)-
CAS No.: 533-50-6
Chemical structure:
Chemical formula: C4H8O4

ITEMS                                               SPECIFICATION
Appearance                               Light yellow to orange, highly viscous liquid
Odor                                                    Characteristic
Active content                                      75.0% Min
Water content                                       24.0% Max
Total nitrogen                                        0.1% Max
Sulfate ash                                            1.5% Max
pH(50% aq sol)                   2.0-3.5
Total plate count (CFU/g)                     100 Max
1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg/drum, keep in dry & lightless place between 1 and 10℃, never exposing to above 40℃. 3 years when properly stored.

◇ Natural, homogenous and long-lasting
◇ No skin dry effect
◇ No orange coloring effect to the skin
◇ No nasty smell after applying
◇ No formaldehyde risk
◇ Free of irritation, contact dermatitis, eczema and skin itching

◇ Classical self-tanning products: lotions, creams, sprays, foams, wipes
◇ Gradual self-tanning products: body lotions and daily moisturizers

Typically used at a level of 1.0-5.0%

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