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Lonza introduces a new portfolio for scalp health

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Lonza introduces a new portfolio for scalp health

A healthy stratum corneum is essential to maintaining a healthy scalp. The stratum corneum acts as a protective barrier against water loss and entry of environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms and can be impacted by a variety of factors such as temperature, UV, pollution or products.

Until recently, cosmetic ingredients and personal care products focused on hair care, and did not address the unique needs of scalp skin.

Lonza is introducing a scalp care portfolio and has generated new data that substantiates new claims. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, and Lonza has a product offering performing different functions to support scalp health.

Offer your consumer a formulation that helps maintain scalp integrity and retain the moisture already present on their scalp so it does not dry out in the first place.
LactoPro CLP, a scalp macronutrient complex which helps improve scalp health by retaining existing moisture and building the scalp barrier.

Provide your consumer a triple targeted scalp care application, and simplify your formulation by adding just one active ingredient.
NAB®​ Rhodiola Extract in scalp-care formulations delivers a variety of scalp protection: detoxification via antioxidants, protection against hot and cold thermal stress; and calming scalp irritation.

Differentiate your product by offering consumers a formula that is not only good for sensitivity but has properties to help soothe a sensitive scalp.
NAB®​ Butterbur Extract is designed for formulations to help soothe an irritated scalp. Studies have shown efficacy against histamine and leukotriene release, reducing the factors associated with scalp irritation.

Bring nutrition based chemistries to your next scalp formulation.
Carnipure®​ Crystalline offers a dual benefit of keeping the scalp fresh by offering improved skin turnover and moisturization to the skin barrier to improve the condition and vitality of the scalp.

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