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InitialE [PT+TMG] an active plant shell for a radiant new look

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InitialE [PT+TMG] an active plant shell for a radiant new look

Multi-Level Eye Area Reshaper

InitialE [PT+TMG] ​is an active plant shell made from native cells of tuberose (polianthes tuberosa), containing not only its own active molecules but also betaine to stimulate activity. It combines two cutting-edge technologies: a controlled cell culture that boosts the synthesis of the active molecules inside whole plant cells, and, the delicate integration of a well-known molecule inside those native cells.

InitialE [PT+TMG]​ is dedicated to the eye contour, that fragile and possibly damaged area. It provides several benefits at the level of epidermis and dermis such as

  • a moisturizing effect by maintaining water in the epidermis
  • a soothing effect by reducing the expression of 3 inflammation mediators
  • a firming effect by increasing the major components of the extra cellular matrix
  •  and a detoxifying effect by improving cellular respiration and micro circulation all proven by in vitro​ tests.

As a result, a clinical study made on 21 women shows a significant decrease of main eye contour problems: dark circles size (-16%), puffiness (-13%), wrinkles and fines lines (-11%) combined with an increase of complexion radiance of more than 23%, after 30 days of treatment.

All tests were performed with the dispersion form (20% cells) at a concentration of 0.5%.

InitialE [PT+TMG]​ is non-allergenic and preservative free, and can be used in any formulation from skincare (eye contour cream, eye serum, etc.) to make-up applications (concealer, eye shadow, etc.) thanks to 4 different forms of cells.

COSMOS agreement and ISO 16128 certificate on request for any liquid form.

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