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INVINCITY®, the “invincible” weapon against Polluaging®

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INVINCITY®, the “invincible” weapon against Polluaging®

INVINCITY®​, Inhibitor of the Aryl-Hydrocarbon (AhR) receptor activation induced by pollution, is a concentrated form of Fucoidans (sulphated polysaccharides) of high molecular weight from the brown alga, Ascophyllum nodosum.

Fighting against pollution requires exceptional ingredients sourced from a pure environment, far from industrial and farming activities. It is in Brittany, but more precisely on the island of Ouessant, 20 km off the Atlantic coast that Ascophyllum nodosum​ (or Sea Rockweed) finds the best conditions for its development. Ouessant is an island beaten by the winds, where sea temperature remains constant all year long. The island is classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve due to its ecosystem and uniqueness. Ascophyllum nodosum​ (certified organic) can be seen on the rocks during tides and is harvested carefully by hand according to applicable good practices for the protection of the island's ecology!

Thereby, Invincity®​ inhibits the AhR pathway, thus preventing POLLUAGING®​ via the dermo-epidermal restructuring (decrease of skin toxicity induced by pollutants), the reduction of the dark spots appearance and the decrease in the formation of redness.

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