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HIT THE SNOOZE ON AGE ™ with Prodizia™

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HIT THE SNOOZE ON AGE ™ with Prodizia™

New from Sederma is Prodizia​, an ingredient proven to visibly reduces the signs of fatigue (dark circles, under eye bags, dull complexion and drawn features). Sleep, as we all know, is a simple secret to beauty, however, the lack of sleep becomes more prominent on our faces with advancing age. Nowadays, our hectic lives continuously disrupt our sleep routine, affecting the circadian cycles that put the rhythm in our cell metabolism that control the natural repair processes that occur during sleep. This lack of sleep creates stressful conditions that raise the levels of internal toxins, one of them being glycotoxins.

In addition to improving the specific detoxifying systems (e.g. glyoxalase and proteasome activity), Prodizia also repairs protein structures, reverses advanced  glycated end products, and regulates melatonin production of cells stressed by glycotoxins to restore the rhythm of the cells.

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