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Glucamate™ CCO Thickener and Sulfochem™ ES-70DXS Surfactant

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Create cleansing products with claims consumers can get excited about. New Glucamate TM​ CCO thickener is vegetable-derived and non-ethoxylated, so you can develop cleansing systems that are gentle on the skin and have a high naturally derived ingredient content. Glucamate TM​ CCO is an exceptionally easy to use thickener for mild, EO-free and sulfate-free surfactant cleansing systems. Sulfochem™ ES-70DXS, our new high-solids surfactant pushes 1,4-dioxane levels closer to single digits and is extremely easy to handle.  The cleansing products they enable still deliver the sensory and safety properties that consumers want. Formulate with ConfidenceTM​.    

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