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Award-winning prestige new dispensing platform Airopack®

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The innovative Airopack®​ dispensers are driven only by clean fresh air, yet are as powerful to dispense the contents to the last drop, even when it is sprayed upside down.”

On May 22 this year Airopack wins Luxe Pack NY in Green Award for the most innovative environmentally-friendly packaging solution. No matter how the dispenser is held, it gives the same easy utilization. It is called 360°; Airopack®​ can be held in any direction and the product comes out in the same consistent way. This makes Airopack®​ suited for all market segments and especially for the luxury packaging sector since Airopack®​ brings consumer delight in practice.”

This year new product launches for P&G and Method can be found in the stores with Airopack®​. We invite you to download the Airopack®​ brochure. 

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