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The big skincare debate: Entertaining versus efficacious skincare

By Natasha Spencer

From the days of its very early research, one skincare delivery device brand, Réduit, has seen two very clear yet contrasting skincare shoppers dominate demands and therefore decisions for innovation, invention and investment: those who want interesting...

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Conagen scales up hydroxytyrosol fermentation production

By Stephen Daniells

Massachusetts-based Conagen has announced it has scaled-up production and commercialization of the antioxidant ingredient hydroxytyrosol, thereby expanding the health ingredient portfolio of its commercial partner Blue California.

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Trend Alert: beauty consumers are ready for immunity-boosting skin care

By Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu

The COVID19 pandemic has had far-ranging consequences on our lives and wellness, with the most immediate impact being concerns over our overall health both physically and mentally. At the same time, wellness and skin care are converging; and as a result,...

Indie Beauty Profile Celeste Lee, Lorrie King, Caire Beauty

Indie Beauty Profile

Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, Caire Beauty

By Deanna Utroske

Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, Co-Founders of Caire Beauty, are on the leading edge of the menopause beauty movement. In their Indie Beauty Profile, the industry veterans share good advice on how to get good advice as well as on when to pivot.

Dr. Tanuj Nakra (left) and  Deepika Vyas, CEO of AVYA Skincare

Indie Beauty Profile

Deepika Vyas and Dr. Tanuj Nakra, AVYA Skincare

By Deanna Utroske

In their Indie Beauty Deepika Vyas and Dr. Tanuj Nakra, Co-Founders of AVYA Skincare, describe the origins of a skin care brand that brings ancient Ayurvedic practices together with advanced medical science. And they share advice on what can be a long...

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