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Beauty trends 2025 new skincare formulations and sustainable packaging

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Pioneering tomorrow: Formulation and packaging trends for the next generation

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The resurgence of beauty events in the US has reinvigorated the beauty industry, highlighting the enduring influence of indie brands.

These smaller beauty companies have made an immense impact, representing $30.5 billion in sales and taking up a 32% market share.1​ What sets these startups apart is their remarkable growth rate, which outpaces the overall beauty and personal care sector.

Specifically, indie brands have seen a growth of 15.7% year over year, compared to the 9.9% growth rate of the entire beauty and personal care market.​This growing trend emphasizes strong consumer support for smaller, independent companies in the beauty industry, driven by an interest in one-of-a-kind, personalized beauty products.

Enhancing this momentum, Luxe Pack New York 2024 recently drew in industry frontrunners and over 200 product packaging exhibitors eager to foster connections and showcase their latest innovations. With over 5,300 industry professionals and 18 educational sessions and workshops, the event was pivotal in providing valuable insights into emerging beauty trends shaping the US market.

To understand the trends shaping the industry, beauty brands aiming to make significant inroads into the competitive landscape should leverage insights from the Luxe Pack event and validate them with external resources. With tools like Meiyume’s Beauty Intelligence Platform (BIP), these insights are consolidated through 24/7 real-time monitoring and validated with credible quantitative and qualitative data.

From sustainability to sophisticated simplicity, the key trends set to define the industry include:

Skincare formula trends

Skincare formulations are redefining body care by releasing feel-good chemicals to enhance mental and physical wellbeing. These formulations are addressing anti-aging concerns such as deep fine lines and wrinkles through a minimalistic ingredient approach.

Multimedia Image 2 _ Skincare Formula

1. Skinification

With the rise of hair care products expected to grow to nearly US $105 billion by 2028, the ‘skinification’ concept broadens the scope for skincare to encompass treatment for other areas of the body, such as the neck and scalp.2​ There has been a significant uptick in scalp care as consumers seek solutions for hair loss and damage repair to achieve a healthier hair appearance.

Recent reports highlight that ‘skinification’ involves integrating skincare ingredients into hair and body care products to offer multiple functionalities.3​ This trend began emerging in late 2022, gaining significant momentum by mid-2023. Products like shampoos, serums, and conditioners now often include actives such as ceramides and peptides for scalp care and hair health.

Similarly, body care and shower products are designed to enhance the skin barrier and provide moisturizing and repairing benefits. Brands such as MAC Cosmetics and L’Oreal, as well as original design manufacturers like Meiyume, are leading this trend with their beauty products. The US is at the forefront of new product development for ‘skinification’, with other regions like Mexico and Asia showing rapid innovation.

Multimedia Image 3 _ Skinification

2. Neuro Glow

As consumer interest increasingly leans towards holistic approaches for a more fulfilling lifestyle, intertwining wellness and skincare, Neuro Glow meticulously utilizes specific scents, ingredients, and textures to achieve a euphoric effect. One example in the industry is the Be Well Collection. Recognizing that stress can have a tangible impact on skin health, this line of five essential skincare products is designed not only to address common skin concerns but also to enhance overall wellbeing.

Multimedia Image 4_ Be Well Collection

The Be Well Collection begins with the Twilight Cleanser, a cleansing solution that purifies the skin of impurities and shields it from environmental pollutants. This collection also includes the Twilight Recovery Serum for reducing cortisol and enhancing radiance, the Twilight Melatonin Mask for rejuvenation and sleep aid, and the Wake Up Radiance Treatment for an instant healthy glow.

3. Sophisticated simplicity

Amidst an evolving consumer landscape focused on holistic wellbeing skincare, another notable trend is the shift from traditional cosmetic interventions to alternatives that promote less invasive, high-quality formulas. Sophisticated simplicity carves its niche by leveraging advanced neuropeptide technology. This beauty trend is dedicated to delivering remarkable, smoother skin transformations, showcasing the power of cutting-edge science in meeting modern beauty demands.

A prominent brand that embodies this trend is Drunk Elephant. Its products are formulated with a focus on minimalistic yet highly effective ingredients, free from unnecessary additives like fragrance and silicones. It leverages advanced skincare science to deliver visible results without overwhelming the skin with a plethora of products. For example, its ‘Protini Polypeptide Cream’ harnesses the power of peptides to improve skin texture and firmness, demonstrating how cutting-edge technology can be used in a simplified skincare routine.

Multimedia Image 5_ Drunk Elephant

Beauty packaging trends

As the market experiences an upsurge in innovative skincare formulations, there is a synchronized evolution in product packaging. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on developing intelligent packaging solutions to support brands in enhancing consumer transparency around product ingredients. Additionally, sustainability remains a key priority for consumers, influencing the design and development of beauty products and packaging.

1. Minimalism redefined

Incorporating premium ingredients, a minimalist approach that underscores authenticity and straightforwardness through simple product design, continues to resonate strongly with consumers. The inherent quality of the formula often speaks volumes, leading consumers to prioritize substance over the ‘aesthetics’ of the packaging.

This tendency fosters greater trust in brands, a characteristic for which independent brands are particularly renowned. Glossier, known for its fresh and contemporary approach to skincare, featuring clean lines, soft pastel hues, and minimalist typography. The lightweight, functional materials used emphasize convenience and ease of use, perfectly aligning with the brand's identity.

Multimedia Image 6_ Glossier

2. Smart beauty packaging

With more empowered and informed consumers who have shorter attention spans and greater access to information, engagement is now vital for brands. Since packaging is the first touchpoint, beauty packaging that embraces smart technology marks a significant milestone for consumer engagement.

Examples include using Near Field Communication (NFC) or QR codes to provide support for both brands and consumers, ensuring transparency, high engagement, and customized solutions, as well as offering insights for brands.4​ By allowing users to easily access comprehensive information about cosmetic products via their smartphones, smart packaging bridges the gap between physical products and digital experiences, creating a cohesive and engaging consumer journey.4

Elevating smart beauty to a new level, ground breaking AI, such as Meiyume’s Beauty Intelligence Platform, ensures that beauty brands, regardless of their size, can effectively navigate the ever-changing beauty landscape. By providing real-time data on current product trends, consumer insights, and marketing dynamics, the platform equips brands with the necessary tools to make informed, strategic decisions for their business.4

Multimedia Image 7_ Smart Beauty

3. Sustainability

Eco-friendly packaging remains at the forefront of cosmetic consumer trends as concerns over climate change intensify. The shift towards sustainable packaging practices is characterized by the introduction of innovative, green designs featuring biodegradable materials, minimizing plastic use, and the emerging trend of refillable packaging solutions.

Refillable solutions represent a pivotal movement in eco-conscious packaging, revolutionizing the beauty industry by combining efficiency with environmental responsibility. This trend is not just noteworthy; it's transforming how products are consumed and packaged.

Multimedia Image 8_ Gaia Lipstick

Meiyume is leading the charge in innovative sustainability with its array of stock packaging solutions. Its Gaia range features a lipstick packaging collection that reduces the environmental impact of packaging. The design marries premium aesthetics with simplicity, allowing brands to significantly reduce their carbon footprint while offering customized designs that distinguish their products in the marketplace.

Adopting the refillable lipstick case and utilizing it three times can have a profound environmental impact, including a reduction in CO2 emissions by 51%, a decrease in fossil energy consumption by 41%, and a halving of water use by 50%. These figures, provided by ecodesign tool SPICE, underscore the tangible benefits of choosing sustainable packaging solutions that do not compromise quality or design.

Charting the future: Essential next steps for brands

Exploring the latest beauty trends in the U.S. reveals a unique opportunity for beauty brands, big or small, to make their mark on the competitive beauty landscape. By leveraging insightful information ranging from product formulation to packaging, brands can differentiate themselves and capture consumers’ attention to create an impactful and meaningful experience.

Selecting the ideal insights-provider and manufacturer ensures that your brand is always prepared for tomorrow. Meiyume stands as a premier provider in the beauty industry, with insights-driven solutions across primary and secondary packaging, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM), and global sourcing.


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