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Skincare Ingredients 2017

Skincare Ingredients 2017

The fast changing skin care category remains the largest in the industry. As testimony to the pace of change, the past year has seen the dynamics of the category change significantly, with some of the faster-paced emerging markets losing momentum, newer markets coming to the fore and the development of trends such as anti-pollution, skin health and the further evolution of sensorial all serving to reimagine the landscape.

Although continuous innovation is key to staying on top, this is increasingly challenging in a category that prides itself on being the most technologically advanced and fastest moving in the beauty industry.

With research so vast and in-depth, tackling the challenges of sustainability, regulatory compliance, and formulation in finished products are all vital for future success.

In this seventh edition of Cosmetics Design’s online conference​, we bring you the latest consumer and market insights, scientific developments and technical innovations in the Skin Care Ingredients space.

Busy life? How do you support your skin to follow the rhythm?

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Roundtable discussion on probiotics in skincare

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