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Skin Care Ingredients 2011: The growing importance of green chemistry in formulation


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Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow; but few are willing to accept performance tradeoffs. Creating a product that has the same performance benefits but a smaller environmental footprint has become one of the greatest challenges of formulators today. In addition, regulation that could make environmental reporting on product labels mandatory, such as France’s Grenelle law for the environment, is on the horizon.
So, how do formulators address this need? This webinar will explore how the twelve principles of green chemistry can be applied to skin care formulation, in order to create products that have a lower impact on human health and the environment. A finished product perspective will be given, to investigate how applying the principles to the choice of ingredients, manufacturing methods and packaging, can help lower impact. For formulators, finding the greener ingredients is the challenge, so we will explore the latest innovations from the major suppliers in the sector.


Katie Bird, Science Reporter, CosmeticsDesign USA


Patricia Pineau, Scientific Communication Director, L'Oréal

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