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The Brazilian supplier of natural ingredients has made two new appointments in its Sustainability and Biodiversity departments, in an effort it says, to expand its work in an ethical and 'green' manner.

Thiago Terada will now take on the role of new Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Specialist, whereby he will be responsible for promoting programs across many divisions including developing solutions and addressing issues related to the company's health and wellbeing departments.

"Terada's goal at Beraca is to spread and consolidate sustainable concepts and practices into all areas of the company​."

The second appointment went to Malena Araujo, for the position of Biodiversity Manager whereby the graduate of a double degree in 'Agribusiness Management and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources & Marketing Opportunities' will be responsible for "extending the reach of Beraca's activities with local communities in the Amazon region by assisting in organizational and training programs that help increase family income and market opportunities."



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