HBA Spring Conference will explore latest well-being and packaging trends

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Technologies and trends that are poised to hit the cosmetics
industry such as stem cell applications and ancient herbal remedies
will be tackled at this year's HBA Spring Conference.

The event will feature two programs entitled 'Achieving Well-Being: The New Paradigm' and 'International Prestige Packaging & Design' that will run in tandem at the Javits Center in New York on March 4-5. Well-being ​ The well-being conference will cover anti-aging tools, animal testing alternatives, novel delivery systems and dermatologist-generated approaches. Meyer Rosen, the chief scientific officer for HBA Global Expo, said well-being was chosen as the title because it was a general trend unifying many of the subjects tackled. As people become increasingly concerned about their health they are looking for cosmetics to do more than just enhance their appearance, hence the concept of well-being. Reflecting the well-being theme is the large number of medical professionals among the speakers at the conference who will be explaining how advances in dermatology could be applied in skin care. The keynote speakers are Laurent Gilbert, the global director of raw materials and advanced research at L'Oreal, and Jim Chastain, the founder of RealityCheck Consulting Network. Gilbert will open the conference talking about the importance of working closely with suppliers and scientists around the world to develop innovative products in different regions. On the second day Chastain will tackle head-on the well-being trend underlying the program and will look into consumer behavior through a 'living diary'. Other highlights of the conference include a session on 'The Miracle of Stem Cells for Skin Rejuvenation' by Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology Boris Petrikovsky. Rosen said the use of stem cells in anti-aging products could prove to be one of the most exciting developments in the cosmetics industry for years. Another noteworthy talk follows on from Gilbert's keynote speech on building cosmetic knowledge from all over the world and will explore the potential of combining modern science with the ancient Chinese and Indian wisdom on botanicals and herbs. Other topics to be covered include renewable botanicals and organic resources, drinkable skin care, ayurvedic and fragrance and DNA technology. Packaging and design ​ Meanwhile, the prestige packaging conference will focus on the role of packaging design on the positioning of a brand and the impact of design on consumer loyalty. Sessions planned for the conference include 'Have it your way: why prestige packaging can be sustainable', 'Technology transfer in packaging innovation' and 'Attention: the visual language of emotion at shelf and in life'. Trendlab founder Ellen Sideri will open the conference with a speech on the 'prism principle' and how to reach consumers and identity with their needs in an increasingly complex world. Barbara Wheat, director of educational programs at HBA Global Expo, said the 'prism principle' is a far more targeted approach to marketing than past models and means getting through to the individual and then connecting with the person emotionally. The keynote speaker for the second day of the conference will be the head of Desgrippes Gobe, Marc Gobe, who will give a talk on how design can create a profound emotional response with corporations and consumers alike. Another feature of the conference is an interactive roundtable led by beauty editors from top magazines including SELF and family Circle and creative designers on what is required to get leading publications to cover product releases. For more information on the HBA Spring Conference visit http://www.hbaexpo.com/spring-conference.htm​. New appointment ​ In related news Jill Birkett has been appointed the new event director of HBA Global Expo and will be responsible for managing the sales, marketing and operations of the HBA events. "I'm looking forward to initiating some new offerings that will enrich our customers' face-to-face experience at the HBA Global events including more dynamic attendee and exhibitor 'match-making' service, digital marketing opportunities, buzz-worthy and interactive networking events, and customized programs and services,"​ said Birkett.

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