Human Pheromone aims to reposition attraction brand

By Simon Pitman

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California-based Human Pheromone Sciences says it wants to build on
success it has already enjoyed in the personal care area by
repositioning its Natural Attraction brand based on human

The company has enlisted Brand Intelligence Group (BIG) to develop a comprehensive program that will see the brand repackaged and repositioned in an attempt to capitalize on what the company terms 'the potential strength of the trademark and its underlying technology'. "While our primary focus has been successful in attracting industry leaders to incorporate our technology in their products, we have not focused our Natural Attraction line,"​ said Bill Horgan, CEO, of the company. The company entered into a license agreement with personal care and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson in August last year and has also made another agreement with Schwarkf and Henkel to develop a number of hair care lines. Likewise, the company says a number of new product launches incorporating the technology are also waiting to be rolled out. Pheremones are a chemical secreted by Humans that influence the behavior or development of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex. Pheromone has been added to fragrances for the best part of 20 years now, but ensuring that the substance remains effective once combined with a fragrance has remained a problem for many manufacturers because it is difficult to formulate. The company already has established dedicated laboratories at the University of Utah, staffed by its own scientists who have been involved in the research of mood enhancing compounds for many years, and have published their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals. "The company's research and development efforts have been focused on isolating, identifying and reproducing naturally-occurring compounds that appear to have mood-enhancing qualities,"​ a spokesman said. "Millions of dollars have been spent on basic research. Because of this program, we now believe that we are ready to enter human clinical trials with several of these compounds, based upon the positive results of the first of these naturally-occurring substances."

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