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Rexam is a leading global consumer packaging company and the largest beverage can maker in the world. Our vision is to be the leading global consumer packaging company. We are business partners to some of the world's most famous and successful consumer brands as well as young, entrepreneurial start-ups. We offer a broad range of packaging services and solutions for different industries, using different materials and technologies. We have 25,500 people in more than 20 countries. Three things characterize us - leadership in our industry, our commitment to innovation and our passion to deliver exceptional value. For further information, visit Rexam's website at




We are committed to innovation in beauty packaging design and enhancement. Our extensive product portfolio includes pumps, samplers, valves and applicators, make-up mechanisms, including lipsticks, compacts and mascaras and closures for fragrance and cosmetics.


Products and services


Rexam produces dispensing systems for fragrances and lotions, casings for lipsticks and compacts, cosmetic closures, and bottles and jars for beauty and skincare products.


We have a stock make-up packaging collection that can be used for promotional items or complete lines. It includes lipsticks, compacts, pan sticks and small pots.


Our design teams have pioneered miniaturisation, snap-in pumps to increase reliability, secure packaging for compacts and a wide range of colours and finishings, including metallisation.


Rexam Dispensing systems


With 10 industrial sites in France, the United States, Brazil and China, Rexam Dispensing Systems has unique capabilities to reactively respond to the global demand of the beauty and personal hygiene market. Product ranges include spray samples, pumps for lotions, pumps and tops for fragrance, foam pumps and end-to-end solutions.


Thanks to its production capacity and expertise, Rexam Dispensing Systems is a world leader in its different markets: N° 1 for foam pumps further to the acquisition of Airspray in May 2006, N° 1 for sample dispenser systems and N° 3 for fragrance bottle pumps. With a firm commitment to innovation, Rexam Dispensing Systems produces effective and comprehensive solutions to enhance customer efficiency and productivity. The division is the reference supplier to major players in the beauty, skincare and personal hygiene markets.







Our make-up range includes casings for lipsticks, slimlines, sticks, compacts and mascara. We are the number one supplier of lipstick casings and the number two in compacts. Our make-up packaging innovations include refill mechanisms, treatments and finishings, and advances in airtightness.














Beauty closures


We produce cosmetic closures and decorative fittings for the biggest names in beauty.


To create impact, we use fluorescent, glossy, pearlised and metal effects, as well as screen printing, stamping and laser finishings.














Beauty containers


Our bottles come in a variety of shapes, materials, colours and releases.


Handling, grip, style and rendering can all be specified to meet your marketing requirements. Innovative features of our jars include tactile finishings and high-density walls to increase durability.










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