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Multifunctional and customisation set to re-shape the cosmetics world

28-Jan-2014 - The growing multifunctional and customisation trends are about giving consumers more choice and greater versatility, while providing manufacturers with a greater number of premium level SKUs.

Is Ulta on a downward spiral as reports claim?

23-Jan-2014 - Some of the largest U.S. brands have been falling on hard times of late and rumours have been circulating that beauty retailer Ulta Salon is suffering most of all. Here, Cosmetics Design takes a look into...

Don’t forget the real reason why natural ingredient certification is so important!

12-Nov-2013 - With all the complexity and bureaucracy surrounding natural and organic ingredient certification it’s easy to forget the real reason for why it exists, which is simply to ensure safety and...

Euromonitor gives insight on Nestlé / L'Oreal stake

08-Oct-2013 - As Nestlé investors meet at its headquarters for a seminar today, what the company plans to do with its' L’Oreal stake will, without doubt, still be at the forefront of minds. Here, Euromonitor reveals why the sale could potentially...

P&G and Beiersdorf – A potential match made in heaven?

06-Jun-2013 - Could it be third time lucky? Rumours are flying around that consumer goods giants Procter & Gamble and Beiersdorf could be ready to strike a deal, having flirted before; despite...

Hurricane Sandy will take its toll on the US cosmetics industry

01-Nov-2012 - With an estimated 70 percent of US cosmetics and personal care players said to be operating within a 200 mile radius of New York City, the industry is expected to...

Is it time for cosmetics industry to change ads following further FDA claim crackdowns?

20-Sep-2012 - The last week has seen two cosmetics companies pulled up on separate occasions by the US Food and Drug Administration over drug-like claims made in their advertising of beauty products,...

Cause for thought: Celebrity impact helps spread awareness and boost personal image

22-Aug-2012 - Having a celebrity support a cause, such as phasing out cosmetics testing on animals, has a major impact on the message and spreads awareness, and also serves to boost the...

“A trusted cosmetics brand is more likely to succeed as a nutricosmetic,” says industry expert

07-Jun-2012 - According to beauty from within expert Mai Nygaard, as beverages take up the position of biggest trend within the sector, consumers are more likely to embrace a beauty food if it...

EU is ‘under the gun’ to validate alternative methods, says industry expert

10-May-2012 - In this first edition of ‘Voice of the Industry’, a new series to the Cosmetics Design sites, we sat down with renowned toxicologist Dr. Jim McKim after his presentation at...

Fragrance brands will continue to push the boundaries because ultimately; sex sells

23-Nov-2011 - Since the dawn of advertising it has utilised sexual imagery in to sell products, and when it comes to fragrance products it seems money certainly talks as companies are prepared...

Companies must embrace technology to maintain competitive edge

04-Apr-2011 - For anyone that has been trying to ignore the growing influence that technology is having on our industry, it is seriously time to WAKE UP!

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook…powerful but handle with care

02-Feb-2011 - The power of blogs, Twitter and Facebook to drive marketing strategies and influence purchasing decisions is undeniable; but, companies need to remember that legally the same rules apply online as...

Industry cannot win on the question of animal testing

05-Jan-2011 - In 2011 the cosmetics industry will find itself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to phasing out animal testing, a process that has been underway for...

Companies should act early on new international biodiversity legislation

24-Nov-2010 - Recent international talks in Nagoya, Japan, have resulted in the adoption of an international regime that will force companies to change the way they source their natural ingredients…although, not immediately....

Regulatory clarity for nutricosmetics proves elusive

14-Oct-2010 - Somewhere, in some time, there exists a land of beauty and promise for nutricosmetics products, where beauty supplements, foods and drinks can frolic, happy in the knowledge of their justifiable...

Sustainability… blah, blah, blah!

24-Aug-2010 - The issue of sustainability seems to have gone in to overdrive for the cosmetics industry in recent years, but are businesses running before they can walk?

Industry must talk to consumers about safety concerns

02-Aug-2010 - How can industry continue to use chemicals known to be linked to cancer, reproductive disorders and other human health problems?

Is the cosmetics industry moving too fast on green packaging?

19-Jul-2010 - Consumers would probably give a firm ‘no’in response to this question. But scratch the surface a little harder and it becomes evident that there is more than a little truth...

Where is the voice of reason in re-formulation for safety and sustainability?

15-Jun-2010 - This year’s industry events saw a flurry of green surfactants, non-nano inorganic UV filters and petrolatum alternatives, all accompanied by claims of their mild, sustainable and generally friendly nature.

Why the US needs private organic cosmetics standards

08-Mar-2010 - Organic certification creates an even playing field for the industry, it provides answers for consumers, and it supports credible exports; broadening the marketplace for both American-produced cosmetics and for organic...

Endorsements from professional bodies - a dangerous game for the elite

03-Mar-2010 - Displaying the seal of recommendation from a professional body on your label may seem the perfect way of lending weight to your product; but, what is the value of winning...

Environmental labelling will be useless unless well prepared

10-Feb-2010 - Unique packaging and a well known brand name catch your eye amid the crowd of products jostling for attention. You saw the advert and it promised youthful miracles, but can...

The wider picture on sustainability

01-Feb-2010 - Everyone is talking about sustainability these days, but jumping on this wagon without considering the broader implications can lead to trouble.

The battle is on to prove luxury cosmetics are worth it

11-Jan-2010 - There is nothing like a recession to push consumers away from prestige cosmetics towards cheaper alternatives as a means of stretching the household budget.

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