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Special News Letter

Editor’s picks: the top articles of 2013

23-Dec-2013 - In 2013 the cosmetics industry saw lots of new trends and big changes, many of which are highlighted here by the editor’s picks, which consist of the top five biggest...

Probiota 2014, February 4-5, Amsterdam

Probiota 2014: The ultimate pre- and probiotic science-business blend

19-Dec-2013 - Probiota 2014 – relocated from Brussels to Amsterdam and organised by NutraIngredients – will bring together the finest scientific and commercial minds operating in the pre- and probiotic sector in...

Study shows effectiveness of thymus peptides in preventing hair loss

19-Dec-2013 - Time to ditch the toupee: a study published in the Journal of Plastic Dermatology suggests that thymus peptides may be effective in treating male and female pattern baldness.

Round up: skin care device developments in 2013

19-Dec-2013 - The combination of cosmetics with the latest technology has seen major advances in the skin care market in recent years. Here, we’ve rounded up how the segment has evolved in 2013....

After a decade of lost competitiveness, US chemistry is 'back in the game'

19-Dec-2013 - According to the American Chemistry Council, natural gas from shale is continuing to drive greater domestic investment and economic growth within the US segments working with chemistry.

Wise men: Gifting the first cosmetics formulation?

19-Dec-2013 - Well, probably not. But in this festive period, Cosmetics Design thought it would be good to take a look at gold, frankincense and myrrh, and see how each is used...

Pack Peek: December’s packaging innovations

18-Dec-2013 - Winter is in full swing now and the end of the year is upon us, but there has still been an array of new wrappings and packs in the cosmetics...

Worry over EU/US deal talks weakening cosmetic protections

18-Dec-2013 - As U.S. and EU leaders gather once again for trade deal negotiations this week, consumer groups are wary the talks could pose economic and environmental risks for the industry.

Hair loss development as pathway found that can prompt or limit growth

18-Dec-2013 - The hair loss world has witnessed a new development after scientists identified a molecular pathway that can be activated to prompt hair growth of dormant hair follicles, or blocked to prevent...

Onward and upwards for Naturex as it continues its US expansion

18-Dec-2013 - Plant-based natural ingredient supplier Naturex has continued to expand in the US with the launch of three new offices as it moves to further cater to increasing consumer demands.

Ban in place: 2013 a big year for animal testing

18-Dec-2013 - It has been a busy twelve months for the cosmetics industry, and in Europe it was a big year concerning animal testing, so Cosmetics Design takes a look at some of...

Bioplastics have a potential for being 'truly sustainable'

18-Dec-2013 - EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik has highlighted the crucial role bioplastics play in Europe‘s transition towards a circular bio based economy at the 8th European Bioplastics Conference last week....


BASF to offer ‘Everlasting Beauty’ program following extensive research

17-Dec-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has launched its latest program focusing on the three anti-ageing actions of prevention, maintenance and correction having used its vast consumer research to identify what the market...

FDA moves to further regulate antibacterial ingredients in soaps

17-Dec-2013 - The FDA is making a proposal that will require further supporting safety data for the use of antibacterial ingredients used in over-the-counter soap products sold in the U.S.

P&G develops gel to reduce the appearance of body hair

17-Dec-2013 - Cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble has recently filed a patent for a product which will reduce the appearance of body hair when used in cosmetics.

New research to open up regenerative applications

17-Dec-2013 - Researchers at Laboratoire Matière Molle, Paris have discovered how to obtain a very strong adhesion between two gels by spreading a solution of nanoparticles on their surface.

Round up - shedding light on this year's 'voices of the industry'

16-Dec-2013 - Over the last twelve months the Cosmetics Design team has been hunting down the most exclusive interviews and scoops for you, our treasured reader. Here, we've rounded up some of the top execs shedding light on...

Procter & Gamble planning extensive reorganization of overseas business

16-Dec-2013 - Procter & Gamble is planning an extensive reorganization of its overseas business units as part of efforts to cut down on costs – according to a Bloomberg report.

The Body Shop seals acquisition of Brazilian business Emporio Body Store

16-Dec-2013 - The Body Shop has confirmed that the acquisition of Brazil-based business Emporio Body Store has met with the regulatory approval to finalize it.

Fibroblast regeneration holds key to anti-ageing skin care development

13-Dec-2013 - Scientists in the UK have identified the unique properties of two different types of skin cell that could pave the way for treatments aimed at reducing the impact of ageing...

Avon cuts further 650 jobs as part of cost-saving initiative

12-Dec-2013 - Avon Products announces plans to cut 650 jobs worldwide as it continues its cost-saving initiative to help turn the company’s fortunes around.

Medical Marijuana launches skin care line on the back of hemp’s anti-aging properties

12-Dec-2013 - California-based Medical Marijuana has become one of the first companies to launch a hemp-based anti-aging product line based on the antioxidant properties of hemp oil.

DS Healthcare's drive for hair-thinning category gets nod of approval from investment world

12-Dec-2013 - The recent announcement that DS Healthcare is entering the market for hair-thinning treatments has been met with approval from one industry analyst.

Nestle sells stake in Givaudan

12-Dec-2013 - Nestle has announced that it will sell its entire 10% stake in fragrance and flavour giant Givaudan. 

CCFTA defends companies against ‘toxic’ accusations

11-Dec-2013 - The Canadian industry organization for cosmetics companies, the CCFTA, has defended top cosmetics companies such as L’Oreal and J&J against accusations of using “toxic” chemicals in their products....

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