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Datamonitor Comment

From Twitter to retail: how celebrities are dictating beauty sales

30-Sep-2014 - According to Datamonitor Consumer, 'Twitter culture' and the current flood of beauty blogs have an undeniable impact on society’s view on beauty and necessary make-up regimes, especially among younger people. ...

Japanese Skin Inc drives 'one size fits one' trend in the US

30-Sep-2014 - After seeing success in Asia, premium Japanese brand 'Skin Inc' has made its debut in the US by signing a deal with Sephora to stock its customised serums.

Avon cleared of bribery charges in China

30-Sep-2014 - Cosmetics maker Avon has been cleared of the bribery charges it faced in China by a New York Judge, in a case that had been ongoing for a number of...

Skin pigment understanding could lead to better sun protection products

30-Sep-2014 - Researchers in Sweden, France and Italy have worked out how the pigment of the skin manages to protect the body from the sun's dangerous UV rays, and this could lead...

Sunscreen Innovation Act looks set for approval

29-Sep-2014 - Following on from senate approval for the Sunscreen Innovation act earlier this month, regulation law expert Angela Deisch believes the bill looks set to be made law.

P&G ad criticized for slight against Unilever product

29-Sep-2014 - Procter & Gamble’s Olay Sensitive Body Wash has been recommended to drop print and online ad claims that Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is ‘harsh’ after brand owner Unilever complained...

L’Oréal inaugurates carbon neutral hair care facility

26-Sep-2014 - L’Oréal has opened its brand new hair care production facility in Burgos, Northern Spain, which has been designed as a biomass plant, enabling the cosmetics giant to term it carbon...

Beauty brands would do well not to underestimate the power of Amazon

25-Sep-2014 - As most cosmetics brands up their digital spend and the online influence grows, beauty brands need to take e-commerce and digital ecosystems into consideration, and in online marketplace powerhouse

New skin care player to bring rice bran-based product line to US consumers

25-Sep-2014 - Arizona-based food ingredients player RiceBran Technologies is set to launch a new line of rice bran-based skin care products that target both the personal care and nutricosmetics categories.

US market for consumer wipes set for solid growth

25-Sep-2014 - Demand for consumer wipes in the United States is set to grow at above market average personal care growth rates for the next five years, according to a new report...

Medical device interests cosmetics companies as it monitors skin health

25-Sep-2014 - A new wearable ‘skin-like’ medical device that can warn the user if they are having cardiovascular trouble can also monitor skin health and say if it is time to put...

How I got to the top

How I got to the top: Jill Scalamandre, CEW chairperson and CMO for skin care at Coty

24-Sep-2014 - Jill Scalamandre has had an illustrious career involving some of the leading and highest profile cosmetics brands in the business, but it is probably the eleven years she has spent as...

Study shows blueberry anti-oxidant prevents UV damage

24-Sep-2014 - A stilbenoid found in blueberries and grapes may have the capacity to prevent several types of UV-mediated damage, reddening of the skin and loss of skin barrier function when applied...

P&G sharpens focus on personal care and household by exiting pet care

24-Sep-2014 - Procter & Gamble has exited the pet food category with the sale of the final 10% stake of its remaining interest  to consumer products company Spectrum Brand Holdings.

Concept II Cosmetics wards off big competition as it continues U.S expansion

24-Sep-2014 - Despite competition from much larger producers, the company under new direction of two entrepreneurs expanded into 21 new foreign markets in 2013 and the first half of 2014, with sights...

Dispatches from UN Climate Summit

Unilever joins pledge to end deforestation at UN Climate Summit

24-Sep-2014 - Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever joins and welcomes the pledge by dozens of global leaders to reduce global warming pollution and try to put an end to deforestation.

MakeUp New York opens its doors today

23-Sep-2014 - Today, Makeup New York will open its doors for the fourth consecutive year, promising once again to be bigger than ever, thanks to more exhibitors and an expanded conference program.

Mintel reports ethnic haircare market as still being heavily invested in

23-Sep-2014 - In 2014, the market value of haircare products formulated for Black consumers was estimated to be worth $774 million, a 12% increase since the recession in 2009. A rise Mintel attributes to hair playing...

High levels of microplastic pollution detected in Canada

23-Sep-2014 - Researchers say that high levels of microplastic pollution have been detected in stretches of the St Lawrence River running through a number of regions in Canada.

Scientists develop novel microneedle patch to deliver collagen more effectively

23-Sep-2014 - Singapore based scientists have discovered a way to get collagen to penetrate deeper into the skin in a more efficient way. 

Evonik signs deal with Univar to cater to Northeastern US

22-Sep-2014 - Evonik is expanding into Northeast of the US by appointing Univar to distribute its’ personal care products.

Spero Energy commercializes lignin-producing technology for fragrance industry

22-Sep-2014 - Technology provider Spero Energy is commercializing technology that creates high-value, renewable chemicals used in the flavor and fragrance industry from wood lignin, which could mean a more environmentally-friendly way of...

RPC invests in expanded US production facilities

22-Sep-2014 - Global packaging provider RPC says it has invested in it US subsidiary RPC Bramlage-Wiko USA by expanding it production facility in Morgantown, Pennsylvania.

The latest in the alphabet craze - 'EE' cream makes its way to Europe

19-Sep-2014 - On first gaining popularity in the East and then spreading to the West; the BB, CC and DD cream sensation has now paved the way for the ‘EE’ version

3D Harvard make-up invention to change the whole beauty game

18-Sep-2014 - ‘3D' printing is the buzz word of the moment in the cosmetics industry. The latest innovation in the area claims consumers can make their own colour cosmetic formulations at home...

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