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Judge rules that organic food standards do not apply to cosmetics

30-Sep-2013 - A Californian Judge has refused to toss out the ongoing lawsuit against Kiss My Face for falsely labeling a product line as “organic.”

Unilever and Solazyme sign commercial supply agreement for Algal Oil

30-Sep-2013 - Renewable oil firm Solazyme has announced what it hopes is the ‘first of many’ agreements with Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever for the commercial supply its Tailored Algal Oil.

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Japonesque launches first color cosmetics line

30-Sep-2013 - American make-up tool and accessory manufacturer Japonesque will expand into color cosmetics for the first time with its 72 SKU line.

Avery Dennison launches new adhesive designed for thin labels

27-Sep-2013 - With packaging manufacturers making every effort to reduce the materials used in the manufacturing process, Avery Dennison says it has designed especially for thin labels.

Unilever spreads the Dove to consumers with digital ‘genius’

27-Sep-2013 - Unilever’s Dove brand has been labelled as a ‘genius’ marketing brand for its use of social and digital media campaigns to communicate and engage with consumers.

Scientists encourage ‘safer’ rutile form of TiO2 in cosmetics

26-Sep-2013 - Research originating in Torino, Italy is encouraging sunscreen and cosmetics formulators to use the rutile form of titanium dioxide rather than anatase as tests have suggested it is safer.

L’Oreal uses sustainable partnership to create new hair care product

26-Sep-2013 - L’Oreal Professional is coming together with raw materials manufacturer Beraca to produce sustainable hair care products using an innovative natural ingredient.

Nu Skin moves into fast-growing skin care devices market

26-Sep-2013 - The company says it has been given FDA approval for a new facial spa device, which is now planned to be rolled out in North American and Asian markets in...

Anti-aging now a big concern for Generation Y

26-Sep-2013 - Women in the US aged 25-34 are beginning to pay more attention to the signs of aging and are actively seeking out products to combat these.

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APPE’s new lightweight aerosol offers a lower carbon footprint

26-Sep-2013 - APPE has introduced a new line of aerosols which offer cheaper production costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Euromonitor: Coty needs to develop a more focussed strategy

25-Sep-2013 - Euromonitor analyst Oru Mohiuddin has called Coty's fourth quarter results “better, but definitely not positive” and suggested that the company needs to develop a more focused strategy.

'Super premium' beauty market grows to $7bn in 2013

25-Sep-2013 - The US ‘Super Premium’ beauty market grew into an industry worth almost $7bn between 2008 and 2013, according to a recent report by

New products and consumer demand to boost global shaving market

25-Sep-2013 - New product innovations, rising demand for natural and organic, and expanding consumption in emerging markets are tipped to help boost the global market for shaving lotions and creams.

Indonesia and Thailand among promising markets for professional skin care: Kline

25-Sep-2013 - Market researcher Kline has identified seven untapped markets for professional skin care, including South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia, and will be providing expanded coverage of these markets in the 10th edition...

Euromonitor: Beauty focus better placed to drive growth for manufacturers

24-Sep-2013 - Manufacturers with a beauty focus, such as L’Oréal and Estée Lauder, are better placed to drive growth than those with a cross-industry presence such as Procter and Gamble and Unilever,...

Low income US families struggling to buy personal care essentials

24-Sep-2013 - A new survey shows that many US families are struggling to buy basic non-food grocery essentials such as personal care and baby care products, pointing to opportunities in the lower-priced...

Sun care demands sees Ashland call upon legacy technology

24-Sep-2013 - Ashland Specialty Ingredients is calling upon a technology first reviewed over 30 years ago as it looks to meet new demands required for sun care products.

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Disney releases adult cosmetic lines

24-Sep-2013 - Disney has recently released two beauty ranges targeted at adults.

Henkel leads personal products category in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

24-Sep-2013 - Henkel has been listed as an industry group leader in the 2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI Europe) for the seventh...

Euromonitor: American men “not ready” for color cosmetics

23-Sep-2013 - Products such as male BB and CC creams are popular in South Korea, where men’s cosmetics make up a huge segment of the beauty market; however, despite growth in the...

New research highlights environmental threat from triclosan

23-Sep-2013 - The anti-bacterial agent widely used in a range of personal care products, triclosan, is causing the development of resistant bacteria in streams and rivers, US-based researchers claim.

Inter Parfums expects $540m sales for 2013, raises guidance

23-Sep-2013 - Inter Parfums has raised its guidance to $540m for 2013 in anticipation of growth in both existing and newly introduced product lines.

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Weckerle Cosmetics USA appoints general manager

23-Sep-2013 - The US branch of the German packaging supplier has appointed Mauricio Pachon as general manager.

Basic aromas? Researchers define ten categories of smell

23-Sep-2013 - While there are currently five recognised 'basic tastes', there are likely to be ten basic categories of odour - and identifying them could benefit industry, according to a new study.

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