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Hallstar CEO discusses advances in photostability of skin care products

31-May-2012 - At the recent Suppliers Day event in New Jersey, Cosmetics Design caught up with Hallstar CEO John Paro to find out about the company's latest breakthrough in the photostability of...

'The industry needs to increase adoption rates of sustainable packaging'

31-May-2012 - This was one of two key messages driven home at the North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit earlier in the month. The other – was to improve measurement...

NAD calls upon FTC after Energizer fails to abide by advertising requests

31-May-2012 - The National Advertising Division has referred advertising claims made by Energizer Personal Care to the Federal Trade Commission following a second compliance review of advertising claims made for its Schick...

Pack Peek: a peek into the cosmetics packaging world

31-May-2012 - This gallery takes a look at some of the news and highlights in personal care packaging, focusing on what is trending, and how cosmetic firms are kitting out their latest...

L’Oreal brand rating drops as smaller players gain ground

30-May-2012 - Although there are clear signs that consumers are shunning unnecessary purchases due to the economic uncertainty, a new report points to the fact that consumers continue to value personal care...

Polarization imaging techniques developed to analyze hair shine

30-May-2012 - California-based Bossa Nova Technologies has created two imaging systems based on polarization to quantitatively measure shine, color and hair fiber alignment.

Global cosmetic packaging market expected to reach $24bn in 2012

30-May-2012 - Consumer trends and the importance of cosmetics packaging to the success of the product has led a market analyst to determine that the value of the global market in 2012...

ACS reports research boom on ingredients for 'enhanced cosmetics'

30-May-2012 - According to the American Chemical Society, growing demand for ‘enhanced cosmetics’ that combine cosmetic and active ingredients is further pushing research in the direction of microcapsules and other delivery technology...

P&G halts emerging market expansion to stabilise current businesses

30-May-2012 - Procter & Gamble has announced it has stopped spending money on further expansion in emerging markets until it stabilizes its largest and most profitable businesses.

CIQ sets down rules for importing cosmetic samples in China

29-May-2012 - After announcing cosmetic companies were no longer required to obtain a CIQ label  on imported cosmetics for China in March, the Shanghai Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has now set down specific...

News in brief

NuSil expansion will lead to increase in job opportunities

29-May-2012 - NuSil Technology has announced plans for a major facility and capacity expansion in Bakersfield, California, that will lead to the creation of a number of jobs.

Leading cosmetics players team up to create roundtable on sustainable packaging

29-May-2012 - The American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Institute for Sustainability has teamed up with some of the leading cosmetic companies to create a roundtable aimed at increasing the innovation and use...

Cosmetics Compact

Cosmetics Compact: in-cosmetics roundup

29-May-2012 - Welcome to the Cosmetics Design Compact, brushing up on the latest industry news – in miniature.

HBA Global Expo ramps up interactive education for 2012

29-May-2012 - At next month's HBA Global Expo the three day-educational program has a new focus on increased interactivity, which will be underlined by themes in this year's conferences, the organizers say....

Social media can be a marketer’s dream come true

24-May-2012 - As interest rises and more companies turn to social media, the platforms could offer a vast opportunity for cosmetic brands if utilised correctly.

New algae extraction facility hopes to meet sustainable alternatives demand

24-May-2012 - Arizona-based algae technology company Heliae has unveiled a commercial demonstration facility said to showcase the scalability and economics of its proprietary algae technology platform.   

Consumers in awe of powerful packaging

24-May-2012 - How a product is packaged is as important as the product itself, and luxury packaging succeeds best by filling the consumer with the feeling of awe, according to a market...

News in brief

Rieke Packaging opens new beauty base in Ohio

24-May-2012 - Arminak & Associates, part of Rieke Packaging Systems, has entered into New Albany Business Park’s beauty and personal care campus in Ohio.

Exclusive interview

European and US regulations – a world apart. For now…

24-May-2012 - Different cultures, various definitions and a global market make it difficult for regulation of cosmetic products in Europe and the US to properly align, but strides are being taken in...

US senators call for FDA to reverse decision to delay sunscreen standards implementation

23-May-2012 - A group of senators in the US are asking the FDA to reverse its decision to delay sunscreen rules and put new standards in place for the summer.

News in brief

Inter Parfums scoops up best fragrance award at FIFI's

23-May-2012 - Inter Parfums walked away with the Best Fragrance award for its ‘1922 Lily Sanguine Eau de Parfum’ in the Specialty Brand Women’s category at this year’s FIFI awards on Monday....

L’Oreal opts for CRM software to meet consumer demand

23-May-2012 - L’Oreal’s active cosmetics division (ACD) has implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to support its La Roche-Posay and Vichy teams in India, to ultimately meet customer demand by gaining more access...

Can the nutricosmetic market finally crack the US?

23-May-2012 - Despite trending high with European and Japanese consumers, the US market for nutricosmetics has always trailed, although North American consumers are now noticing convenient functional food, beverage and supplements with...

The Body Shop joins pledge to end animal testing in cosmetics

23-May-2012 - The Body Shop has partnered with Cruelty Free International (CFI) to launch its first global pledge campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics.

Multi-functional creams poised for growth in the US according to NPD

22-May-2012 - BB Creams also referred to as ‘blemish balms’ or ‘beauty balms’ have grown significantly in sales in the past several months and are expected to produce further growth according to...

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