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For Canadian cosmetics companies Mexico is a land of opportunity, say HSBC report

31-Jan-2017 - A newly published report from The Conference Board of Canada, and commissioned by banking and financial services company HSBC, outlines how Canadian businesses can best navigate the realities of the...

Ulta Beauty establishes its own holding company

31-Jan-2017 - As of January 29, the cosmetics retailer has reorganized its company structure, and Ulta executives believe that the business will be more efficient in this new configuration.

Lubrizol gives its North American skin care active ingredients brands a single name

31-Jan-2017 - Going forward the company’s skin care actives businesses will share one name and one headquarters here in the States.

Personal care industry executives meet with Trump

30-Jan-2017 - Last week the new President met with 12 business leaders, among them the CEO of Johnson & Johnson. Cosmetics Design reached out to Gorsky to find out how he’ll be...

Croda releases new data on bond multiplying hair care system

30-Jan-2017 - The specialty chemical company has completed its latest round of testing on the Croda Plex multistep hair repair formulation system—a system in the same vein as Olaplex or L’Oreal Professional...

Is there room for innovation in the deodorant category?

30-Jan-2017 - Natural, niche, and startup personal care brands regularly advance new deodorant formats and formulations. Among the latest attempts to disrupt the deodorant market is Switch Fresh, a patented redesign of...

Depilex SmileAgain Foundation appeals for a mandatory skin whitening standard in Pakistan

30-Jan-2017 - Pakistan calls for the government to protect consumers as professionals warn against the negative effects of skin whitening creams.

Target announces new plan to phase out select chemical ingredients

26-Jan-2017 - The retailer has a timeline in place to make ingredient lists more transparent and suppliers more accountable to consumer expectations. As a result, certain ingredients will be banned from Target...

Unilever launches women’s anti-dandruff shampoo

26-Jan-2017 - The company’s Dove brand has just announced a new collection of hair care products positioned to compete directly with P&G’s popular Head & Shoulders brand of anti-dandruff shampoo....

Sourcing personal care ingredients from hemp getting easier

26-Jan-2017 - As more states make headway on farming and research initiatives, more hemp and hemp derivatives will make their way to market as beauty and personal care ingredients. Recent government actions...

Government funds help Mazza put last piece into commercialization puzzle

26-Jan-2017 - Water extraction technology pioneer Mazza Innovation has received an $840,000 ($1.1 million CDN) investment from the Canadian government to install new drying technology at its plant in British Columbia.

Want to get the latest, global perspective on the anti-pollution trend?

25-Jan-2017 - CosmeticsDesign is gearing up to host an interactive web forum with global industry experts on the ongoing rise of the anti-pollution (or protection) trend.

Sahi Cosmetics participating in University of Michigan's Desai Accelerator

25-Jan-2017 - The color cosmetics startup is among only five businesses invited to join the Winter 2017 cohort of the Desai Accelerator, a program designed to help passionate entrepreneurs, like Sahi Cosmetics...

WestRock acquires Multi Packaging Solutions International

25-Jan-2017 - WestRock is strategically selling and buying businesses to specialize in paper and corrugated packaging solutions. Two deals this week help the company do just that, while continuing to serve the...

Givaudan receives Fair for Life certification for natural fragrance ingredient

25-Jan-2017 - The fragrance maker sources clove leaf oil from Madagascar and has just announced that this collection network meets environmental management objectives and fair trade standards, qualifying the supply as Fair...

Cosmax releases new vision to achieve K beauty and ODM dominance

25-Jan-2017 - To mark its 25th anniversary, leading South Korean beauty manufacturer and distributor, Cosmax, sets out its ambitious vision for 2017.

P&G beauty, hair care, skin care, and grooming sales all up, according to Q2 financials

24-Jan-2017 - Late last week the CPG company announced quarterly earnings, and by CEO David Taylor’s own assessment, “delivered good results…in a difficult operating environment.”

Cosmetics manufacturer Autumn Harp to receive local funding

24-Jan-2017 - The Vermont-based beauty maker has been awarded economic development financing that should, in the end, mean more jobs for residents of the area.

Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce announce 2017 scholarship award recipients

24-Jan-2017 - The professional organization has announced this year’s honorees. And in keeping with the WFFC guidelines, Anna Horowitz and Christina Chen were invited to attend the group’s annual business meeting to...

New study considers how solvents influence skin properties

24-Jan-2017 - A study by researchers at the University of Lund, in Southern Sweden, is taking a closer look at how solvents used in creams and lotions can impact the skin.

Olay and 23andMe release skin aging data

23-Jan-2017 - The P&G skin care brand is hinting at personalized, DNA-based beauty products and, in the meantime, sharing stats from a study on how skin ages. Good news for Olay: it’s...

Shiseido acquires US customization player MatchCo

23-Jan-2017 - Shiseido has continued to expand its international and US footprint with the acquisition of MatchCo, a California-based developer of customized digital tools used in personalization beauty regimes.

Trump White House moves swiftly against issues of import to the cosmetics and personal care industry

23-Jan-2017 - On Friday, inauguration day here in the States, a lot of changes took place as the Obama administration came to an end and a new team took power. As part...

Animal testing: Switzerland follows EU approach with ban

20-Jan-2017 - Switzerland has introduced an official ban on the retail of cosmetics that have been tested on animals, bringing it closer in line with the EU ban on animal-testing in the...

Specialty chemical distributor Azelis acquires Ross Organic

19-Jan-2017 - The deal will see Ross Organic and the team behind the company carry on as a distinct brand and puts Azelis squarely in the natural personal care and cosmetic ingredient...

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