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Who are the winners in the paraben-play with the consumers?

Katie, thanks for your interesting perspectives on the "paraben-free" story.

Why are the consumers worried about the use of paraben-containing products? The effects are neither observed in humans, nor are they confirmed by quality-assured animal studies? Are the following stakeholders winners of such a worry?
1. Scientists get publicity when they find unexpected results on wide-spread substances. The publicity raises questions, which increase their research fundings.
2. Consumer organizations, media and bloggers etc find interesting cases which are used to promote their “intellectual properties”. This will increase their “business”, i.e. number of members, readers, followers etc.
3. Companies, e.g. raw material suppliers, get opportunities to easier increase their sales of alternative preservatives. The market entrance of small cosmetic companies promoting “paraben-free” is facilitated. Giant cosmetic companies protect their market share by giving the consumers a possibility to select “paraben-free” cosmetics.
4. The authorities will have an easier task in their regulatory work by asking for more data. Their asking for more studies will also be seen as trustful by the society.

How to eliminate the root cause to unnecessary worries or unsafe cosmetic products? The slow court process on parabens is unsatisfactory.

KR Marie Lodén

Posted by Marie Loden
06 January 2010 | 18h14

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