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Date rape-preventing lip gloss debuts

By Katie Bird , 07-Oct-2009

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A lip gloss that comes with a date rape drug testing kit has been launched in the UK with plans to make it available in vending machines in bar and club toilets.

The five 2LoveMyLips gloss products contain a drug testing kit in the form of a pink taper that can detect GHB and Ketamine.

Managing director of the company 2LoveMy, Tracy Whittaker, explained that girls on a night out with suspicions about their drink can just dab the taper in, and watch to see if the colour changes to blue.

“If they turn blue tell your friends immediately and get help from security and the police,” she explained.

Sales have already proved 'positive'

Sales of the product to UK beauty salons are positive, according to Whittaker, who is planning to launch the product in USA and Asutralia.

In addition, she said the company hopes to target tourist spots in the Far East where drink spiking is a significant problem.

Although no official figures of the numbers of people affected by the phenomenon are available, the Roofie Foundation, a UK agency set up to help victims of drug rape received 1,200 calls to their helpline in the last two years.

Significant but hard to track problem

Commenting on the lip gloss concept, Roofie Founder Graham Rhodes said: “The Roofie Foundation welcomes any product that helps women to avoid becoming victims of drug rape.”

“Over the years there have been many different tests and a wide variety of products that claim to prevent drink spiking, however we believe that the addition of a testing strip to a lip gloss is a major step forward in prevention.”

2LoveMyLips is also planning to make the product available in vending machines in pub and club toilets as this is where girls may need it most.

Other cosmetic products are also planned by the company but all of them will come with the date rape testing kit included.