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Atrium Innovations Inc develops and produces innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics market.
 Atrium's mission is to be a strategic supplier to leading brand owners and manufacturers, and, as such, Atrium has developed a differentiated business model focused on providing unique and comprehensive solutions. Atrium's broad offering of active ingredients and speciality chemicals is complemented by a wide range of scientific, technical and regulatory support services.
 These complementary products and value-added solutions which have enable Atrium to develop a unique level of intimacy with customers.
 All the ingredients marketed are supported by rigorous scientific research and documentation: we do not compromise on quality. Some of our biotechnology products are derived from a molecular separation platform and manufactured in the company's laboratories in compliance with the highest standards. Other products were obtained by means of acquisitions or technology licensing from research centres and recognized biotechnology companies.
 Our active cosmetic ingredients are designed to maintain the body's natural reactions, strengthen its defences against environmental aggression, delay the appearance of the signs of aging, and address other contemporary cosmetic challenges. Our ultimate goal is to offer consumers visible benefits that last.
 Family of products:

• : Biotechnology Atrium's biotechnological processes make it possible to create outsanding and biologically active polysaccharides. Abyssine®, Aldavine™ and Drieline®
 • : Marine Unique and complete range of marine-derived cosmetic ingredients from algae extracts to marine mucopolysaccharides. MDI Complex®, MRT2, Lanablue®, Tensea-Lift™, Hydriame®, Hydroxan®, Homeosta-SEA: Homeo-Shield™, Homeo-Age™, Homeoxy™, Homeo-Soothe™
 • : Plant Extracts Exclusive cosmetic ingredients derived from plants that are native from northern Canadian prairies, the African savanna and the Asian landscape. Canadian Willowherb™, Tyrostat™, Lanachrys®, Lanatellis®, Lanacityn®, LNST®, Hydralphatine Asia®, Hydralphatine 3P®
 • : Synthetic Highly purified biomimetic peptides and enzymes, which act as natural effectors in the skin physiology. EUK-134®, Melitane®, Thymulen-4®, Melanostatine-5®, Kollaren® and ECM-Protect®
 A number of products are also available in a preservative-free version specially designed with natural anti-oxidants and anti-microbial system to minimize the presence of preservative in final cosmetic formulas.
 Atrium can rely on its subsidiaries Unipex and Multichem to provide support services related to the development, importation and distribution of speciality chemicals and active ingredients.
 - Unipex holds the exclusive distribution rights to one of the broadest high value active ingredients and fine chemicals portfolio in France, with approximately 1 300 products primarily focused on the personal care, cosmetic and life sciences sector.
 - Multichem is a leading Canadian chemicals distributor with a portfolio of approximately 800 exclusive products serving more than 900customers in Canada and Northeastern US.
 Atrium has a network of distributors and professional agents in more than 50 countries around the world.

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